Coasting Along (Monochrome Monday)

Growing up it was second nature to use a drink coast. My mother seemed to always have quite the variety of drink coasters close at hand. Oddly though, finding a good drink coaster isn’t as easy as one might think.

Many look the part but are merely for decoration as I’ve discovered the hard way. These coasters acting more like a conduit for the condensation from cold drinks which drip down the side of a glass, slipping quietly from the coaster onto the table-top.

Coasting Along!

It took quite awhile to find these coasters and sadly were only in a set of four not six. And as luck would have it, they were the very last set to be found in the store.

Although I’m sure if I was feeling industrious, I could make some by adhering wooden off-cuts to gauze. Finding the right wood however might be tricky. Finding the inclination though could be even trickier, lol!