Just ONE of Macy’s Christmas Windows! (iPhriday)

This is just one of the window displays Macy had last Christmas. At the time, although I didn’t quite understand the whole “interstellar” concept, I did appreciate all the attention to detail. The windows were just gorgeous!

Macy Christmas Window

And of course, now as I see my photos on the big screen, I finally see the story written at the bottom of the window. Hey, it was New York City and we were getting a really early start to the Boxing Day sales so cut me some slack please, lol!




Walking into Macy’s, NYC (iPhriday)

Walking into Macy’s last year the first thing we noticed were the most glorious Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling. With the combination of a hotel across the street and very early openings, I was even able to get a “person” free photo!

Macys Hallway

This week I’m joining Lisa at GrayDaysandCoffee for her iPhriday for the first time. What a wonderful opportunity to use some of the many photos on my phone, along with the many apps available!

My children are in total disbelief of how many photos I keep on my phone, even after downloading, but the truth is I like the memories photos provoke.