Illuminated Islands (Wordless Wednesday)








Still lovin’ our Misty Mornings!

Waking up each morning to the mist outside has just been, well… so magical! 🙂

And yes, I’ve been driving in it most morning after 7am so I can certainly appreciate how thick it’s been some mornings. There have been mornings you can barely see the forest for the mist!

Misty Mornings - I love them!

Most mornings however the mist isn’t quite that thick but still looks magical floating in amongst the trees.

Misty Magical Mornings!

Did I mention I love the mist, lol?!

Mist in the Trees

Yep, everything looks so beautiful with the mist covering it. It looks almost as good as when there’s been a fresh snow fall. Hmmmm… “mum, how much longer?”