A new day, a new beginning! (WPC – Rise/Set)

A new day brings a new beginning. A day to begin a new project, a day to begin planning a new adventure, or sometimes it’s simply a day to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

In the encouraging words of my darling mother… sometimes you just have to live each day to spite those who don’t want you to. My mother, our very own ray of sunshine!🙃

Rise/Set is this week’s Photo challenge from The Daily Post. Be sure to click on the icon below to see more fabulous interpretations of this week’s challenge.







Morning Reflections in White (Wordless Wednesday)







Early Morning Recreation (A Photo a Week Challenge: Recreation)

When in Australia there’s nothing nicer then taking an early morning walk following the river out to the ocean. On this particular morning there was myself, a fisherman, and a stand-up paddle-boarder.

Each of us doing something different, yet all happy in our chosen form of recreation. Recreation is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography.






Permission to Land? (Monochrome Monday)

Watching the early morning bird life on the river waking with the sun whilst we were in Australian was a wonderful way to begin each day.

Permission to Land

Maybe it’s just me but there’s just something special about early mornings and water ways no matter what the weather conditions are like!





Until next time! (Wordless Wednesday)

Catch ya Later







Just Another Day (Wordless Wednesday)

Just Another Day






Morning Harmony (WPC: Harmony)

Last Saturday morning we needed to be up and going very early, something none of us were particularly happy about. However on looking outside our moods quickly changed.


On seeing the magical colours covering the sky, providing the beautiful backdrop for the vast assortment of dancing clouds, an immediate harmony descended upon the family.

Our destination was met on time with a good time being had by all. Plus this morning skyline provided a perfect capture for this week’s Daily Post Challenge Word of HARMONY.






Twilight on the River!

And there wasn’t a vampire or werewolf to be seen anywhere. It was just my boy and his fishing gear!


Twillight Fishing

Even his mates were flying in to be with him!

Coming into Land

Yep, if my son is going to have an interest I’m more than happy to support this one.

Twilight on the River

Twilight on the river tonight, just glorious. And as the last of the sun’s rays disappeared I was anxious for Young Sir to ensure all his gear was packed away safely, nothing left behind.

That and the Thai take-away dinner that I’d ordered for us before joining him should have been ready for collection so… “mum, how much longer?”

Do the Pelican Prance!

What’s more gorgeous than a Pelican glistening in the sun? A Pelican prancing of course!

First bow to your partner…

Dancin gone REAL bad

Then take your position with one foot pointing back just so…

Pelican Dance

Then dance with gusto… like no one is watching…

Dancing Pelican

That is until you turn around… oops!

Pelican Tango

And don’t under ANY circumstances CUT IN as it may be all smiles to begin with…

Gettin down wih a Pelican

But it quickly turns ugly!

Dancing gone wrong

The anti-shaking device on my camera is brilliant as by the time I took the photo above I was laughing fairly hard! Plus it only looks as if she’s been bitten, the Pelican bill simply nudged Miss Ten’s side. Not that she’s saying that, lol!

All the while of course Master Twelve who is catching fish is being ignored hence looking at me inquiringly… “mum, how much longer?”

Up REAL close and personal!

For those who don’t already know, or haven’t guessed, Pelicans are one of my all-time FAVORITE birds. Can’t say why but I simply adore them!

Pelican Pair - how gorgeous are they?

So each morning when we head to the river I’m more than happy to see these gorgeous creatures waiting for us. Never before have I had such an opportunity to be at eye level with them!

Pelican Eyes

 Nor did I know that their feet are more blue than grey!

Pelican Feet - huge and blue!

And their beak tips… crazy!

Peilican Beak... VERY different!

It’s so nice the way the birds stay close but mark my word, they sense when you have decided to leave as they’ve already moved onto the next fisherman before we’ve even gathered all our things together. So much for loyalty, lol!

All we can do is bid them adieu and shake our head with a…  “mum, how much longer?”