Drop (Wordless Wednesday)









Long time coming… (Monochrome Monday)

How glorious it was to wake up to a world covered in a dusting of snow yesterday. It was nothing quite like the epic six-foot we had in one 24-hour period in Kitimat last February but we didn’t care. It was snow!

It's been a long time coming!

We had the beauty of a fresh snowfall without any of the shovelling or worry. It really was quite delightful having the opportunity to simply sit back in the lounge chair appreciating the beauty surrounding us before it disappeared.





Melting Propeller (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #33)

Yes I know, the propeller isn’t really melting but you gotta admit, it really does kinda look that way thanks to the curvature of the window.

Melting Propeller...

Yes, this is what happens when you forget to bring your iPad and you have nothing to read or do on a two hour flight, you begin imagining the strangest of things, lol!