A picture really is worth a thousand words! (WPC – Smile)

From the very beginning, my father and my son had a very special connection. Within months of my son’s birth, he was in my father’s arms as he sat at the dining room table doing crosswords.

Five years later when we were wandering around the Colosseum in Rome on a particularly blustery day, a piece of newspaper landed on the back of my son’s legs. For reasons unclear at the time, he kept ahold of this paper until we stopped for lunch.

Once our lunch orders had been taken my son requested a pen. Why? He needed to do the crossword of course. He then sat diligently filling in the squares. The fact it was in Italian was of little consequence. Oh how I love that boy!

And how I love how my son even now, over ten years later, still equates crosswords with his grandfather. This memory will always makes me smile tears of joy. Smile is this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.







Mum and Mickey! (WPC: Friend)

This is my mother and her faithful companion and horse Mickey. Mickey has popped up in a lot of our conversations since Master Fifteen was born (no, I have absolutely NO idea of that correlation), but even more-so now since dad’s passing.

Mickey was her everything – from riding him to school to riding him around the family farm to do her chores, and obviously to do a spot of fishing. With her father’s unexpected death when she was 10, Mickey was her one constant, her friend.

Friend is the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week.








Very Hands On! (A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands)

From the moment my son was born, there wasn’t much he didn’t miss. He was always looking, absorbing everything. Routine is something he and I very much have in common. Hence when his sister came along, he was there for her.

What makes me smile each and every time I see this photo is how big brother was showing little sister how to open her mouth wide for her yoghurt. The yoghurt he’d retrieved and opened himself just for her. My darling boy was very hands on!

Hands is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge word from Nancy Merrill Photography.






Childhood Memories! (iPhriday Flowers)

Across the road from the school-house I grew up in was a little church and community hall. Between these two buildings grew a huge old Grevillea bush much like this. Just one of the 360 varieties of this species.

What intrigued me most with these flowers were the seed pods. Since at this stage of my life my parents weren’t allowing me to get my ears pierced, I’d hook these seeds around my ears as a poor substitute. Hey, I was only five or six!

Grevillea Blooms

iPhriday is where you have the opportunity to share photos from your smart phone, hosted by Lisa at Gray Days and Coffee . Just another reason to love Friday’s!






Christmas with the Children (Monochrome Monday)

This photo might be grainy and blurred but I love it regardless. My Santa with his gramophone sits besides the photo of my mother as a young girl, and that strapping young man you can just see in the centre background, that’s my father.

Christmas with the Children

This is the one down-side of our life on the move. These, along with so many of our photos and other “old” memories, are all sitting in storage boxes, somewhere. I dream of the day we are reunited once again!




Wind down the Fjord (Travel Theme: Wind)

There are so many things that come to mind when I think of our three years in Iceland – the friendly people, the unique scenery, and of course the incredible WIND. There weren’t always fierce winds but at times it certainly felt like it!

Wind down our fjord!

On this particular day, 75 kph winds were whipping up the waters upon our fjord, creating not only many a white cap but quite the mist in the air from all the spray. Tucked safely in my warm house, it was quite the sight to behold!

This is Reyðarfjörður, on the east coast of Iceland at approximately 3 o’clock on the Icelandic map. This is where we called home for our three years and would go back in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever arose. 🙂

Where's my Backpack?




VIVID Colored Cloths (WPC)


Strolling around Granville Island, Vancouver last week, I couldn’t resist walking into the Cloth Shop for “old times sake“. On seeing all the beautiful fabrics, this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, VIVID, came immediately to mind!

Vivid Colored Cloths

The memories evoked simply walking around this store were incredible. You see, my father’s retirement and my birthday were just weeks apart and with my parents moving back up to their house on the coast, I was being left in the city to complete my studies.

This move wasn’t my mother’s idea of a good time at all hence my birthday gift that year was a two-door 30-year-old car. She wasn’t much but she drove well and she was mine (and the stories the car could tell if only she talked…). However, this car came with ONE stipulation… when mother was in town, I was to drive her WHEREVER, WHENEVER she wanted.

Hence many a week-end was spent at patchwork shops all over the city. Not that I really minded as between the colors and the creations, there was more than enough to keep me occupied!



Travel Theme: Hats

Normally I’m not one to shy away from a challenge but this week’s Travel Theme challenge from Where’s my Backpack of Hats has really had me thinking!

My boy and his DD...

This photo is of when my son began his foray into salmon fishing at our local river a couple of years ago, complete with waders and the mandatory hat.

This hat holds a very special significance for him (and for me also) as it was his grandfather’s hat. His grandfather would wear this hat whenever they went on walks together.

What was particularly amusing about this ritual was that my father absolutely detested walking but when it came to pushing “his possum” in the pram, eventually walking side-by-side, there was never-ever a moment’s hesitation.


Admiring Murano from on the FENCE (MM2-9)

It’s the once a month “theme week” for the Monochrome Madness over at the blog, Leanne Cole Photography. This month the chosen theme is… FENCES.

The photo I’ve chosen, although technically not a fence, given it was taken on the island of Murano just outside Venice, I think we can all agree that rails and fences are pretty much the same thing, lol!

Murano Milly (MM2-9)

The little poppet in this photo just happens to be my Darling Daughter who was three-and-a-half on this, our first family visit to Italy. Both children took to Italy likes ducks to water, embracing the culture like locals.

This is a scan of a copy as sadly the original and its backup were stolen many years ago hence the slightly “off” feeling to it. Gives it an “old world” kinda feeling though don’t you think?

The memory however this capture evokes for me shall forever be etched in my memory.


Pink and Pretty – Flower Friday

What better for Flower Friday than this glorious hot pink frangipani we discovered in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

Up Close Hot Pink Frangipani

Every time I look at this flower with the raindrops still upon it, I think of our time in Sydney… good times, good times!