Will the real ANGRY BIRD please stand up! (Feathered Friday)

And there was me thinking the Angry Bird movie was simply a piece of fiction. Looking at this gentleman it would appear the movie is indeed based on a true story!

As we had so, so many birds visiting last month on their way to Alaska, Feathered Friday is currently dedicated to them and their safe travels!





Travel theme: Camaraderie

As I watch flocks of birds fly over-head, I often wonder if there is a sense of CAMARADERIE amongst these animals or if it’s simply a case of every bird for itself.

Camaraderie of Birdds

Do they whisper behind their wings about one another? Do they look at their butts and wonder if those feathers makes it look big? Do they compare size of feathers?

Do they ever get together over some fresh bugs to discuss a new flight plan or does the wind simply blow in a certain direction telling each and every one of them, “it’s time“? I wonder as things aren’t always as they seem…

Where's my Backpack?