Feather Fun (Monochrome Monday)

When taking the photo of my feather for the repurpose challenge a few weeks ago, I’d been using the light from a nearby lamp. At the same time, this lamp was also casting this shadow on the mirror.


By simply moving my position I was able to photograph the feather within the shadow. It created an entirely different feel to the original photo of the white and fluffy feather.





Nature’s very own mirror (WPC: Mirror)

A few weeks ago, Miss Thirteen and I drove to a nearby town for both a day out and to purchase school supplies. This 140km drive is one of the most beautiful drives and on this particular morning it did not disappoint!

Nature's very own mirror

There’s just something so magical about fog over the water. Fortunately the traffic was light allowing me to stop along the way for the occasional “photo op” such as this one. I was so focused on the fog only now am I seeing the flowers in the foreground, lol.

This calm water created nature’s very own mirror, reflecting all the glorious surroundings. And now it gives me the perfect submission for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of… mirror!