Emerging from within the mist! (Monochrome Monday)







Into the Mist! (Wordless Wednesday)







Misty Summer Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

This past summer we’ve had some of the most wonderful misty mornings. The fog so heavy that the air didn’t clear until lunch time. It was so amazing to watch!

The fog would then clear to reveal the brightest of summer days. At which point I would head down to my Creative Cave to avoid the sun’s glare and the headache that would ensue. Life’s Yin and Yang.








Misty Meanderings (Wordless Wednesday)







Misty Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

‘Tis a beautiful sight to wake to mist across the harbour. The stillness of the water combined with wisps of mist floating through the many little islands is truly delightful.

When there’s mist on the harbour of a morning, it makes what was going to be a good day a truly great day!





The trees continue to grow (Travel Theme: Grow)

With our house overlooking the harbour and set down the hill it’s easy to forget there are actually mountains in front of the house. When we go out onto our back deck with have the best of both worlds.

The neighbour’s trees GROW, hiding the houses above us but allowing us access to the beauty of the mountains behind. Grow is the Travel Theme this week from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?.





Misty Harbour Views (Wordless Wednesday)


My Harbour Outside





The EARLY BIRD catches the mist! (WPC)

Our second morning down on the Clarence River, northern New South Wales, was like nothing I’d ever experienced.

With the sun still to make its way above the trees, the mist slowly weaved its way above the water as the world woke from its slumber.

Early Morning on Clarence River

Fish were jumping here, there, and everywhere whilst the bird life took turns flying across the river, rejoicing in the morning mist. It was so, SO glorious!

These two ducks had taken flight not far from me but had obviously duly noted me with camera in hand so swung wide just in front of me for the perfect shot. This week’s prompt of EARLY BIRD couldn’t have been more fitting!



Misty Monday Mornings!

Waking up to the sound of rain this morning in no way dampened my enthusiasm for the week; nor did seeing the thick mist wind itself around the trees discourage me.

Misty Monday Morning - love it!

In fact, it was quite the opposite, as after a week-end spent “cropping” with some amazingly talented women, my creative juices are flowing and all I want to do is get down into the Studio and start creating!!! 🙂

Even knowing I have six loads of washing to address doesn’t thwart me.

The children on the other-hand weren’t quite as “chipper”. It took more than one visit to each of their rooms this mornings to gently remind them it was time to prepare for school. Their response… “mum, how much longer?”

Still lovin’ our Misty Mornings!

Waking up each morning to the mist outside has just been, well… so magical! 🙂

And yes, I’ve been driving in it most morning after 7am so I can certainly appreciate how thick it’s been some mornings. There have been mornings you can barely see the forest for the mist!

Misty Mornings - I love them!

Most mornings however the mist isn’t quite that thick but still looks magical floating in amongst the trees.

Misty Magical Mornings!

Did I mention I love the mist, lol?!

Mist in the Trees

Yep, everything looks so beautiful with the mist covering it. It looks almost as good as when there’s been a fresh snow fall. Hmmmm… “mum, how much longer?”