Fish Eye Cat Eyes (OWPC: Fish Eye)

Looking through my archives for a photo to apply the Fish Eye effect, there seemed no better image then one I took earlier this week of a close-up photo of our darling Fergus. What fun to make a cat’s eyes into fish eye!

Fortunately Fergus has yet to master the computer so there’ll be no backlash from him. Fish Eye is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Reaching for the Clouds (Monochrome Monday)

Whilst attempting to capture some new images of the deer who frequent our backyard, from the corner of my eye this tree caught my attention.

Reach for the Clouds

It was as if the tree was pushing its branches towards the sky to hasten the process of Spring. Personally I’m in no hurry but it would seem as if Mother Nature has her own ideas.




Monochromatic Pink (WPC)

This week’s challenge word from the Daily Post is MONOCHROMATIC. When you read or hear that word you automatically think of black and white but really, it can be a gradient in any single colour.

WPC Monochromatic

As you can see, the girlie in me couldn’t resist going with a rich, dark pink – one of my all-time favourite colours, lol! 🙂