A New York Christmas! (Monochrome Monday)

Christmas in New York last year was never going to be like Christmas at home so why even bother trying to do things the same.

New York Christmas Tree

With the help of some Christmas candy, battery operated tea-lights and some clear, clean star-buck cups, a Christmas tree as made and it was just beautiful!




Old Could be New Again (Monochrome Monday)

The photograph I’ve chosen today for Monochrome Monday is actually one of my rejects for a cloud theme challenge at the beginning of the month. Now that I look at it I’m wondering why I rejected it, oh well.

Old could be New again

This is beautiful old building I’m thinking is something connected to the railway given the tracks nearby. There’s rumours of life soon to be breathed back into it but like everything, it’s taking time.





Branching Out (Monochrome Monday)

For this week’s Monochrome Monday I’m getting up close and personal with nature.

Branching Out!

I stumbled upon this branch whilst stalking mushrooms last month. Although not quite the fungi I was hunting, I still found the textures and tones of it more than appealing.




Filtered Summer Light (Monochrome Monday)

For this week’s Monochrome Monday, I decided to use something very different to my usual style. It’s a capture I took down at the river over the summer.

Filtered Summer Light

At first glance you may think this photo is upside down yet it isn’t. It’s simply the way I’m standing. I’m right beside the trunk of the tree (holding on so I didn’t fall if I remember correctly) then looking directly up.

Yes, it did make my head spin however the light filtering through the leaves was so beautiful I just couldn’t help myself, lol!