Climbing the walls ’til summer! (Monochrome Monday)






Lit up by natural beauty (Monochrome Monday)







Down Memory Lane (Monochrome Monday)









WHAT THE??? (Monochrome Monday)

This is the look one gets when one is waiting for an afternoon apple snack. But rather than just pieces of apple, a crazy black and white cat comes shooting across the lawn chasing the apple… repeatedly!

Never before has Miss Poppy chased anything, let alone pieces of apple. Yet on this particular day she obviously thought this was a really good idea.

That was until Mother Deer saw what was going on, racing up to Poppy who quickly ran back inside. That was until the next piece of apple was thrown {groan}.







Metal Buoy (Monochrome Monday)

This past summer I was more than a little intrigued by this huge metal buoy attached to the barge holding the larger supplies required for the maintenance of the nearby ferry pier.

Looking at this buoy now, perhaps a seagull or two floating past may have helped to give some perspective as to just how big this buoy was. It. Was. HUGE!






Rusty Relics (Monochrome Monday)

Don’t you just love it when you are walking along the beach then come across something like this just lying there.

If only these old relics could talk, sharing the stories that only they have lived!






Looking above (Monochrome Monday)

Cotton wool clouds floating past the window created a beautiful backdrop for the silhouette of these trees. Some already with their new leaves, others still waiting.

All too soon there will be so many leaves adorning all these trees, the branches will no longer appear naked against the morning sky.