Morning droplets (Monochrome Monday)





Dewy Summer Wishes (WPC – Rounded)

After days of torrential rain and gale-force winds that striped my maple tree of all its leaves within a matter of hours, the sun is now shining, reminiscent of summer days that were. Days when dews drops glistened under the morning sun.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is… ROUNDED.





Morning Bells (Monochrome Monday)

Next summer the plan is to work in the backyard. Until then however we continue to be surprised, and delighted, with what mother nature bestows upon us.


The added bonus of the early morning’s raindrops was the icing on this day’s cake!






Dew Clad Dreams (Silent Saturday)


Droplets of Dreams





Effervescent Dew Drops

Perhaps effervescent is a tad ambitious but these dew drops reminded me of little bubbles as they clung to each and every section of the grass-blades possible.

Effervesant Morning Drops

As the morning light slowly made it’s way across the front lawn I could only wonder about all these droplets and… “mum, how much longer?”