The Colours of Frost! (Wordless Wednesday)

The Colours of Frost!




Frosted Mornings! (Wordless Wednesday)

Frosty Mornings


Frosty the Snow Cone?!

Sadly so far each snowfall we have had disappears before the next snowfall but at least we have the frost. Oh how I love a good frosting!

Frosty Cones on a Frosty Day

Not that this is a true frost per say. What do you call it I wonder when it appears the snowflakes have been freeze-dried on their way down to earth?

Frosty Leaf on a VERY Frosty Morning!

Whatever it is, the effect is simply beautiful – Mother Nature’s own icing sugar! There’s no denying though we’d prefer snow NOW, and LOADS of it… “mum, how much longer?”