The trees continue to grow (Travel Theme: Grow)

With our house overlooking the harbour and set down the hill it’s easy to forget there are actually mountains in front of the house. When we go out onto our back deck with have the best of both worlds.

The neighbour’s trees GROW, hiding the houses above us but allowing us access to the beauty of the mountains behind. Grow is the Travel Theme this week from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?.





Early Morning Light (A Photo a Week Challenge: Just Missed)

As I hurriedly loaded the dishwasher before driving the children to school one morning before Christmas, I noticed some coloured lights out on the water. Quickly I grabbed my camera, took some shots and just missed that moment in time.


In my haste of course I had neither checked nor changed the settings on my camera hence the captures weren’t quite as anticipated. That moment of what appears to be pilot ship meeting the cargo shipped, just missed. Next time!








Morning Bells (Monochrome Monday)

Next summer the plan is to work in the backyard. Until then however we continue to be surprised, and delighted, with what mother nature bestows upon us.


The added bonus of the early morning’s raindrops was the icing on this day’s cake!






Morning Reflections (Wordless Wednesday)


Morning Reflections






Childhood Memories! (iPhriday Flowers)

Across the road from the school-house I grew up in was a little church and community hall. Between these two buildings grew a huge old Grevillea bush much like this. Just one of the 360 varieties of this species.

What intrigued me most with these flowers were the seed pods. Since at this stage of my life my parents weren’t allowing me to get my ears pierced, I’d hook these seeds around my ears as a poor substitute. Hey, I was only five or six!

Grevillea Blooms

iPhriday is where you have the opportunity to share photos from your smart phone, hosted by Lisa at Gray Days and Coffee . Just another reason to love Friday’s!






In the Morning Light (iPhriday Flowers)

Oddly there aren’t many, actually there aren’t any, black flowers in my archives to use for today being Black Friday. Instead I’ve decided to use one of my recent captures of some Canna Lilies with a wonderful dark background. Hey, I tried, okay?!

In the Morning Light

These plants were never a favourite of mine growing up. They just seemed to be everywhere, in the garden of every house and every public park. Now however, as I see them growing in mass various botanical gardens I’m finding them very appealing!





Old Could be New Again (Monochrome Monday)

The photograph I’ve chosen today for Monochrome Monday is actually one of my rejects for a cloud theme challenge at the beginning of the month. Now that I look at it I’m wondering why I rejected it, oh well.

Old could be New again

This is beautiful old building I’m thinking is something connected to the railway given the tracks nearby. There’s rumours of life soon to be breathed back into it but like everything, it’s taking time.





Ghoulish Wishes (Silent Wishes)


Happy Halloween!

Lollipop Wishes (Silent Wishes)


Lollipop Wishes





Washed Wishes (Silent Wishes)


Washed Wishes