A Little Ray of Sunshine (Wordless Wednesday)







As the Fog Lifts (Monochrome Monday)

Even though I already know where the islands are out in my harbour, I still enjoy watching the heavy summer fog retreating to the furthest edge of the harbour, slowly revealing each island as it goes.

It reminds me of those black and white movies where people would walk into old houses, pulling at dust cloths revealing beautiful, ornate furniture underneath.







Just across the harbour (Wordless Wednesday)







Following that White Line (Muted Monochrome Monday)









Yachts in the Morning Mist (26 Weeks Letter Challenge: Y)

This week it’s the Letter Y for the  26 Weeks Letter Challenge hosted by the lovely Lori Bravo from Let There be Peace on Earth. These moored yachts on the Brisbane River seemed perfect for this week.


To join in the fun of this challenge simply create your own interpretation of Lori’s letter of the week with as many photos you like then title and tag your post with 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.

26 Weeks Letter Challenge





Room with a View (Wordless Wednesday)


Room with a View

Still lovin’ our Misty Mornings!

Waking up each morning to the mist outside has just been, well… so magical! 🙂

And yes, I’ve been driving in it most morning after 7am so I can certainly appreciate how thick it’s been some mornings. There have been mornings you can barely see the forest for the mist!

Misty Mornings - I love them!

Most mornings however the mist isn’t quite that thick but still looks magical floating in amongst the trees.

Misty Magical Mornings!

Did I mention I love the mist, lol?!

Mist in the Trees

Yep, everything looks so beautiful with the mist covering it. It looks almost as good as when there’s been a fresh snow fall. Hmmmm… “mum, how much longer?”