Love me a Super Moon Morning! (Wordless Wednesday)







Nature’s Morning Accessories (Wordless Wednesday)







Say NO to Transient Trash! (WPC – Transient)

When on holidays or simply at the beach, what does a piece or two of trash slipping out of one’s fingers matters? It matters a heck of a lot when you see what’s left behind after a cyclone’s been and gone.

Living our lives as transient beings is one thing, however not dealing with our trash along the way is a completely other matter. Transient is The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week.










52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 22 – Nature… ain’t she glorious?!

My word for last year was acceptance. Now, don’t for one moment think it meant accepting whatever rubbish was given to me, quite the contrary in fact.

It meant accepting my own limitations and requesting assistance when required; speaking up to NOT accept haphazardness in others; and to accept defeat gracefully and move on! The Super Moon last year being a prime example of the latter.

No matter what I changed my camera setting too or at what hour I attempted photograph that moon, there was simply no way on earth I could not capture the grandeur like so many other photographers were. I accepted defeat. The Super Moon and I were not meant to be. Until this…


Having dropped the children at school, I was making my way home carefully on the roads as once again we were being blanketed in an Arctic Outflow. Everything it touched seem to immediately turn to ice, including the roads. Hence I was driving like a tortoise.

That was until I began driving up a hill and there, sitting on top of this hill was the Super Moon in all her glory. Challenge Accepted. There was enough time for me to get home safely, out onto my deck with camera in hand and voila, one last VERY successful happy snap. {sigh} Isn’t nature glorious?

NATURE is this week’s word for the 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 22 from The Girl That Dreams Awake.






Five, Six, Pick up Sticks! (Monochrome Monday)

Looking out my sun-room window the other morning, I had to look twice at what was floating out in the harbour. Initially it wasn’t making any sense but finally it came into focus.

Five Six Pick Up Sticks

Somehow or other one of the many logs that float around the river systems here in BC had taken a fancy to something a little more “a la naturale“!




Rain or Shine? (Monochrome Monday)

Watching the sun rise last week over the ocean, the clouds surrounding it seemed undecided as to blow on through or to stay, allowing the skies to pour down upon us.

Good Morning BW

Eventually the clouds disappeared but as the sun climbed above the horizon, the sun’s rays reflected on and behind the clouds was more than a glorious sight to behold. What a way to start the day!





Ready. Set. GLOW! (Wordless Wednesday)

Ready Set Glow






Foggy Mornings (OWPC: Foggy)

Lately our little part of the province has been enjoying some much-needed rain. One of my favourite parts that comes with this rain, besides all the beautiful raindrops of course, is this glorious morning fog.

Foggy Mornings

It silently follows the path of there river, fading ever-so-slowly as the morning progresses until there is nothing but a memory of its beauty left behind.





Room with a View (Wordless Wednesday)


Room with a View

SYMBOL of new beginnings (WPC)

The Daily Post’s word for their weekly Weekly Photo Challenge is… SYMBOL. There are so many symbols in our everyday lives, what to choose? Eventually I went with one that for me personally has many meanings, that of a sunrise.

Symbol of New Beginnings

Sometimes the sun rises on a day we have been counting down to. Sometimes the sun rises on a day we’ve been dreading. The sun still rises regardless how good or ugly a situation has been the previous day.

The sun rises each and every day, that’s a given. It’s how we choose to meet that day, that’s when things get interesting. Are we grateful for the day before us or are we going on in spite of it? And some days, those lines are too blurred to tell apart, lol!