Cloudy Monday Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

Daylight savings finished for the summer here yesterday. It’s just in the nick of time given that winter will unbelievably be here next month.

Although I’m still wrapping my head around the fact in this day and age the seasons begin during the month not on the first of the month when I grew up. Or maybe that was just a southern hemisphere thing!







Misty Meanderings (Wordless Wednesday)







A Painted Sky

Yesterday morning’s sunrise was gloriously eerie with the clouds rolling through the valley with just the hint of sunshine upon them.

Sunrise from the walls of the Hermitage

It reminded of the paintings I once saw hanging on the walls of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia hence my need to frame it accordingly, lol!

Camping through Scandinavia and Russia seems like a thousand years ago. Then again, it was “last” century, lol. Oh how I’d love to return… “mum, how much longer?”

Zebra Stripes in the Sky!

One never knows just what to expect when looking out my kitchen window of a morning, especially when it’s as bleak and grey as it’s been of late, one never expects very much at all.

Last week however was a completely different story and this is what greeted me last Wednesday – what looked almost like a zebra pattern across the sky – amazing!

Zebra Stripes in the Sky

There’s more than a few people upset with our current weather the way it is but on this matter I side with the experts, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain so please stop asking… “mum, how much longer?”

What a Majestic Monday Morning!!!

Waking up to the sound of the alarm ringing in the pitch dark this morning, I won’t deny that “springing” out of bed was so NOT on the top 100 of things for me to do today. Thankfully with a son that needed to be at his Middle School by 7.30, this situation wasn’t up for discussion.

If we’d pulled the covers back over our heads there would have been a chance of missing this most glorious of glorious sun-rises. Oh my, it was simply breathtaking!

What a glorious way to begin the day!

As the morning progressed, so did the colors in the sky – just spectacular!

Monday morning at its best!

Of course, like all good things these colors didn’t last for long but how blessed were we to witness to such a wonderful display from Mother Nature.

Ah yes, ’tis all a distant memory now as I attend to five loads of washing, tidy the house, clean the kitchen, prepare dinner, stoke the fire… “mum, how much longer?”