It is SO the first day of fall!

The first day of fall and how apt is that terminology as we’ve already had our first SNOW FALL for the year… woo hoo!

September First

Granted the snow is only on my mountain peak but it’s SNOW. Oh yes, I am SO doing the happy dance right now!!! 🙂




Sunshine on Mountain Snow!

The weather has just been crazy here of late. One moment the sun is pouring down, the next moment its dark, dismal and raining. It’s those in-between times however that make for the most inspiring times from Mother Nature.

I was washing up yesterday morning when I glanced up to the most beautiful sight.

The clouds that had only a moment prior been covering Mount Elizabeth had parted, allowing the sun to shine just on the mountain peaks, creating an illuminating effect of her silhouette.

Sunshine on the Mountain Snow

Now with another three-day week-end about to descend upon us as the children have a NID (Non-Instructional Day – only teachers go to school, no students – I’m learning huh?) tomorrow, I’ll keep this picture locked in my mind as I prepare to have eight 12-year-old boys bunker down in our basement this evening.

Oh. My. Gosh… “mum, how much longer???”

Legal again…

This morning required a quick trip to Terrace to reactivate our Social Security Numbers. When one’s visa expires it’s like a domino effect… first the visa, then the Social Security Number, finishing with the Care Card.

Ironically our visas were renewed before they expired so all this could have been avoided. At least we’ll know for next time but this morning each desk we went to were so helpful and understanding which made things so much more pleasant and easier.

The icing on the cake was just a “little” bit of sunshine breaking through the dark clouds onto Liz on arriving home.

The sun shining through!

It was odd to think so much had been accomplished yet I was back loading the washing machine at home by 11am. There was no wondering…  “mum, how much longer?”