An Intense Start to the School Year! (Wordless Wednesday)


An interesting morning



Today was a Good Day (WPC)

Today Was a Good Day is this week’s challenge from the Daily Post and looking out my kitchen window this morning, I am already declaring exactly that!

The Early Bird, or birds in this case!

As the sun rose behind my mountain, the clouds were continually moving, constantly changing it’s appearance. As the mountain peak became visible, flocks of seagulls began flying past, heading down towards the nearby river.

Yep, definitely no argument here. It may only be 7.30 in the morning but after viewing this incredible sight from Mother Nature herself, it will be enough to sustain me until bedtime. Today was indeed a Good Day!




Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

(Yes, I know it’s summer here but I do so like Liz covered in snow, lol!

My Mountain this Week – Wordless Wednesday

Mount Elizabeth - my mountain this week!

Calm Before the Storm – Monochrome Madness

Seeing the peak of Mount Elizabeth this year has been a rarity so when I looked out my window just over a week ago, seeing both her peak AND sunlight, I rushed for the camera.

Calm before the Snow Storm

All I managed were four photos before the clouds closed back in, once again shielding her from my view. I’ve not seen her since.

That was until yesterday. The clouds parted, having dumped two meters of snow upon us in just 48 hours. As our immediate world was blanketed in the deepest snow, there stood Liz, looking almost the same as in this photo.

How can this be Liz? Where’s your luxurious cloak of white? Seriously… “mum, how much longer?”

My Mountain this Month – Wordless Wednesday

Mt Elizabeth - 27 January 2015

Au Naturel Liz – how New Age

So close – she’s SO close to being completing void of any snow – WHAT a summer!

Liz Au Naturel...

The question now is as to her remaining like this… “mum, how much longer?”

Spotlight on Liz

Every now and then when the evening sky is covered with clouds, there are shafts of light which beam down upon Mount Elizabeth. This sunshine highlights only a small portion of the mountain and only for a short time.

Last week for all of maybe ten or fifteen minutes I watched in awe as this spotlight shone down on Liz as the sun was sinking.

Light on Liz

Aahhh, these moments in time. Right place, right time, I love it. I daren’t ask… “mum, how much longer?”

a New Dawn, a New Day!

After a week-end that didn’t seem like a week-end at all as Hubby worked both days and with Master Thirteen still nursing a sore back hence no fishing, today doesn’t seem to be faring any better.

I have the longest list of things that HAVE to be achieved today. Actually, the bulk of my list requires completion BEFORE close of business yet with low-clouds hanging around I find myself dragging my heels somewhat. Not like me at all – normally the first sign of cloud-cover has me re-energized, ready to take on anything!

However, I can’t deny I have been enjoying the sunrises we’ve been blessed with this summer. Last week we had not one but TWO spectacular sunrises, this was the second.

Good Morning World

How glorious was this sunrise with the clouds looking as if they are attempting to catch the sun?

As for everyday life, at least I have the first load of laundry on now. Who knows, maybe within the next four hours and four loads of washing I may just find myself on track, maybe, lol. 🙂

Unfortunately I fear it will be more likely me, looking at my long “to-do” list, bellowing like a child… “mum, how much longer?”

Liquescent Liz!

Since it’s been a month, along with some darn fine hot weather of late, thought it was high-time for an update on the Lovely Liz and her subsequent shrinking snow deposits!

Mt Liz Expiring - her snow almost gone!

There’s still a good couple of months before fresh snow will once again cover the Lovely Liz so maybe, just maybe those last few snow deposits might actually disappear.

The question is though… “mum, how much longer?”