An Autumn Favorite (Wordless Wednesday)







Raindrops make everything better! (Feathered Friday)

It’s a love/hate relationship between the Stella Jay and I. They have a tendency of being a tad “over-enthusiastic” thus scaring away many of the little birds. This occasion however was the exception. It’s hard to resist tiny raindrops scattered like glitter over one’s head!

As we had so, so many birds visiting last month on their way to Alaska, Feathered Friday is currently dedicated to them and their safe travels!






Curbside Beauty (Friday Flowers)




Translucent Beauty (Friday Flowers)




Earthy Fingers (Wordless Wednesday)





Nature’s very own Halloween decorations! (Monochrome Monday)




Captured Raindrops (Flower Friday)




Morning droplets (Monochrome Monday)





Watching the evening fog roll in! (Monochrome Monday)




Down by the Sea (Friday Flowers)