Rippled Reflections (Monochrome Monday)




Flowers against the fog! (Friday Flowers)




There’s pink, then there’s pink! (Friday Flowers)

FF Theres pink then theres pink

Until next time dear summer! (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Setting Sun on Summer






Bath Time (Monochrome Monday)


MM Bath Time




Pretty ‘lil posy (Friday Flowers)


FF So not what I thought



Safety in numbers… (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Safety in Numbers




Summer colors (Friday Flowers)



FF Summer Bloom



Excuse me but I’m still talking to you! (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Im still talking to you



Summer floating by… (Macro Monday)

Whilst daughter and I were hiking over the summer we came across many of these spider webs still covered with early morning dew drops, giving the illusion of floating.

MM Floating Wisps of Summer

Wow, who would have ever thought I’d be using words like hiking and early morning in the one sentence? My goodness, the times they really ARE a changing!