Daily Admiration (WPC: Admiration)

Regardless of what happened yesterday to anyone, and what could be happening tomorrow to any one of us, each and every day the sun still rises to announce the beginning of another new day.

Daily Admiration

There’s been more than one occasion where I’d much prefer to pull the covers back over my head, pretending time has stood still. Alas, time never stands still and regardless of what’s going on in your life or mine, the sun still rises to greet us.

I have nothing but ADMIRATION for Mother Nature who continues on regardless, like so many other mother’s in every country around the world each and every day!



Super tweaked tulips! (iPhriday Flowers)

Tweaked Tulips







The Colours of Frost! (Wordless Wednesday)

The Colours of Frost!




Frosted Mornings! (Wordless Wednesday)

Frosty Mornings


Pink is an attitude, NOT a colour! (Flower Friday)


Pink is an Attitude NOT a Colour!


This week’s challenge word from Jennifer Nichole-Wells is DROUGHT. Although even we were on fire-bans ever-so-briefly, we thankfully didn’t suffer like so many others did this summer. Drought is something almost unimaginable as I look around.

Drought... I think NOT!

This is just one of the many waterfalls you’ll see driving along the highway between Terrace and Prince Rupert here in beautiful British Columbia. Not bad viewing for a road-trip, huh?!





Beauty comes in all Shapes and Sizes (Macro Monday)

Just once I’d like to get a shot of one of these little guys from the front but until I do, I will have to be content with this semi-action shot of this dude about to jump from behind!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

I’m told this guy is a frog. Where I come from anything that looks like this is a toad so I’m trying my hardest to NOT “judge a book by its cover”. Fortunately he wasn’t much bigger than a quarter so he still had cuteness on his side!





Which way to the Sun? (Flower Friday)


Which way to the Sun?

Simple yet Elegant (Friday Flowers)


Simple yet elegant






Inspiration isn’t always black and white! (Monochrome Monday)

I stumbled upon this photo the other day that I took for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of Inspiration a few weeks back. Looking at it again I wondered how it would look as a black and white.

Inspiration - Black and White

Don’t know about you but I actually think it looks better in black and white as it really makes the raindrops pop and shine. To see the colour version click here.