Down but definitely not out! (Wordless Wednesday)




SYMBOL of new beginnings (WPC)

The Daily Post’s word for their weekly Weekly Photo Challenge is… SYMBOL. There are so many symbols in our everyday lives, what to choose? Eventually I went with one that for me personally has many meanings, that of a sunrise.

Symbol of New Beginnings

Sometimes the sun rises on a day we have been counting down to. Sometimes the sun rises on a day we’ve been dreading. The sun still rises regardless how good or ugly a situation has been the previous day.

The sun rises each and every day, that’s a given. It’s how we choose to meet that day, that’s when things get interesting. Are we grateful for the day before us or are we going on in spite of it? And some days, those lines are too blurred to tell apart, lol!



Fuzzy Beginnings (Macro Monday)


This plant was so intriguing as it seemed to have so many components to it and it was all covered in a wonderful light pink fuzz. As I said, intriguing.

Fuzzy Beginnings

And of course, what would it be if it wasn’t all held together with the thinnest, the most delicate of spider webs. In the words of Louis Armstrong… “what a wonderful world!”



Centring on New Beginnings (Macro Monday)

Whilst on Vancouver Island last month , there were so many of these young trees wherever we went.

Centring on New Beginnings

Having the opportunity to look down on the new branch fronds gave these trees a totally different perspective, an almost flower-like appearance.

The fresh green-color of these fronds was just so glorious, so naturally beautiful I couldn’t resist a photo.



A Japanese feel right in my back yard – Wordless Wednesday


A Splash of Colour!



New beginnings…

As you may have noticed I’ve been doing a little “Spring Cleaning” with my blog… new name, new look!

With the pending anniversary of “mum, how much longer“, it had me rethinking the purpose of this blog. Something which has changed rather substantially with my father’s passing and my mother’s subsequent move into a high-care nursing home distinguishing her interest in computers. Conclusion… time for a change!

Our move to Canada has rekindled my love of photography hence I wanted my blog’s name to kinda reflect that, kinda, lol! So, back to photography…

Budding Frangipani Buds

Hopefully this change will be as smooth and seamless as the beginning of this bunch of Frangipani we happened upon whilst in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

Having grownup with many a Frangipani tree in our gardens, it’s hard to believe I had never seen just how these beautiful blooms begin their life. It was simply incredible to see.