The Future looks Bright (WPC: Future)

When a sunrise like this greeted us of a morning whilst we were away, it seemed to give the day just a little more oomph you could say!

Future is Bright

Yes, the future looked bright when beginning with such a glorious light. Quite fitting for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge of… FUTURE!






In the Morning’s Half-Light (WPC: Half-Light)

Yesterday morning there was an extraordinary orange glow coming through the lounge-room shades. Peeking through the shades, the source of this glow was quickly discovered.

Half Light

The sun was slowly rising, casting the most glorious HALF-LIGHT over the river and ocean before me. The silhouettes of those already out enjoying the morning, including the various species of birds, reconfirming why this is my favourite time of day!





One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy


This week’s One Word Photo (weather themed) Challenge word is CLOUDY. Oh the decisions that had to be made but eventually I went with an old favourite, the morning sky-line as we sailed the Mississippi River into New Orleans.

OWPC - Cloudy

There were so many different clouds in the sky that morning, from the cotton candy wads through to the long and wispy tendrils. It was an incredible introduction to the amazing city of New Orleans!



Early Morning Flight

Timing is everything and this morning was no different.

Watching as wisps of the morning clouds appeared motionless in the morning light, small flocks of birds began appearing from the valley below.

Morning Flight...

Only ever in small numbers – sometimes in pairs but never greater than five. It was simply glorious to witness this renewed life soaring into the new day.

And as quickly as it began, it was over. As to when I’ll be standing in the right spot at the right time to witness this again… “mum, how much longer?”