Coming, ready or not! (Macro Monday)












Spring is Springing (Monochrome Monday)

With warmer weather comes more undergrowth. More shades of green, or in this particular instance, more shades of grey then you can imagine.

Nature’s very own “filler“. How gloriously blessed are we to see nature’s finery unfold before our very eyes?




Morning Offering (Monochrome Monday)

Each morning as I get into the car to drive the children to school, I can’t help but notice the bush beside the car. It’s gone from bare branches with old berries to having tiny little shoots sprouting all over it.

Morning Offering BW

Mother Nature as always has me in total awe. I watch each day at this once dead-looking bush comes alive with colourful new growth. What can I say but… Mother Nature, you rock!





Summer Raindrops (Monday Macro)

The inner new growth of this geranium was so tightly twisted yet, as hard as it was to believe, there was still room for raindrops settling in the grooves within.

Summer Growth

Oh Mother Nature, I do so love your endless supply of natural beauty – may it be there for generations to come!




A Japanese feel right in my back yard – Wordless Wednesday


A Splash of Colour!