One day, just not today! (Monochrome Monday)

With the arrival of spring, things once so obvious to the eye seemingly disappear overnight, covered by new life.

Things might be covered with new life, however not everything has new life breathed into it.





Springtime Green! (WPC: It IS Easy Being Green!)

There’s something magical about the green of new life. It’s such a beautiful, unique green heralding the change of seasons.

This green can be seen on such a vast array of nature’s creations. From the unfurling of leaves on trees, buds on bushes, and even down in the undergrowth where ferns begin stretching for the sky.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week is… It IS Easy Being Green!!






Reaching for the Clouds (Monochrome Monday)

Whilst attempting to capture some new images of the deer who frequent our backyard, from the corner of my eye this tree caught my attention.

Reach for the Clouds

It was as if the tree was pushing its branches towards the sky to hasten the process of Spring. Personally I’m in no hurry but it would seem as if Mother Nature has her own ideas.




Beneath Your Feet on the River’s Bank (WPC)

It was simply glorious yesterday down on the riverbank yesterday watching family and friends salmon fishing under the brightest of sunshine, in river-water what I like to call a “glacial blue“.

So glorious in-fact one could almost miss what was… Beneath Your Feet!

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Initially I thought this to be a patch of moss but as I stare at it now, I’m wondering if I’m looking at the tiniest of Spruce Forests, preparing themselves for whatever Mother Nature throws at them next!

Perhaps I suffered slight sunstroke yesterday but whichever it is, I still imagine there are tiny villages contained within this dense forest, with their town’s folk going about their daily business living in dread of the “giants” above!



Summer Raindrops (Monday Macro)

The inner new growth of this geranium was so tightly twisted yet, as hard as it was to believe, there was still room for raindrops settling in the grooves within.

Summer Growth

Oh Mother Nature, I do so love your endless supply of natural beauty – may it be there for generations to come!




Through rose coloured glasses (Macro Monday)


To be able to see all this new life unfurling before our eyes was just beautiful whilst we were on holidays.

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Even now, as I look at this photo, I’m still seeing things I didn’t see on the day.




Spring Unfurling! (Macro Monday)


What I love about the Northern Hemisphere is watching all the new foliage emerge after a cold winter. And now as I’m looking at this photo, obviously the spiders and bugs also enjoy this time of year, lol!

Spring unfurling before your eyes!

Walking the paths to locate the hot springs at Harrison Hot Springs there was so much new life to be seen both in the plant and animal kingdom, it was simply glorious.

Given the early hour of the day, having the place to ourselves made it that much more special. It was a beautiful end to a perfect holiday.



Centring on New Beginnings (Macro Monday)

Whilst on Vancouver Island last month , there were so many of these young trees wherever we went.

Centring on New Beginnings

Having the opportunity to look down on the new branch fronds gave these trees a totally different perspective, an almost flower-like appearance.

The fresh green-color of these fronds was just so glorious, so naturally beautiful I couldn’t resist a photo.



Tulip Time

As much as I adore white flowers, white tulips don’t normally fall into that category for some odd reason. Fortunately some were still added to the shopping trolley and when they began opening up, well… all bets were off!

Tulip Time

Both Miss Eleven and I were enthralled with the centres of these flowers which, perhaps due to the white petals, seemed far more prominent that usual.



A Japanese feel right in my back yard – Wordless Wednesday


A Splash of Colour!