Just how long did THIS delivery take? (JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Skeleton)

As we walked around Manhattan we spied this skeleton hanging randomly from a tree in front of a store. The thing was that it was March not October but hey, it was New York City!

Skeleton is today’s challenge word for Jennifer Nichole Wells Halloween Challenge.





Seriously, who can sleep?


3 Sleeps





Macy’s Flying Reindeer! (iPhriday)

How fabulous it was to look above me in Macy’s to see Santa and his reindeer flying around New York City, complete with the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building and of course Macy’s!

Macy's Sleigh Decorations

And there wasn’t just the one of these, there were more of these on the floor, each with a different setting. Given the sheer size of these decorations, where on earth are they all stored? And how?





Radio City Nutcrackers (Fav Foto Friday)

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular was everything I imagined and then some. Of the many different acts in the show, the Nutcrackers by far were my favourite!

Radio City Nutcrackers

I am so looking forward to the next time we go as rest assured, there WILL be a next time!




Double OOPS! (WPC: Oops)

After reading so many wonderful posts for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I dang near forgot to post one myself, OOPS! Here is one of my classic oops moments from the Statue of Liberty last Christmas Eve.

Oops from the Statue of Liberty

The combination of having played with my camera settings the previous night, my dislike for closed-in spaces, having rain-drops seep into places you can’t easily dry whilst in public, and plain old exhaustion from having travelled almost an entire day to get there the day before, I wasn’t checking my photos as I went.

Plus, the half-dozen rain jackets I’d bought for my camera were all tucked away in my drawer back in Canada, oops. Hence the rain had me taking my photo then quickly putting me camera back under my jacket for protection against any water damage.

By the time I discovered what I’d done we’d arrived at the point of no return. Turns out there is only one way in and one way out of this great Beauty Queen. Oh well, just means we’ll have to go back… oh gosh darn it!




Window Display on Fifth Avenue (Monochrome Monday)

As we walked down to the Apple Store near Central Park in New York City last year, we were completely awe-struck with the window displays we saw along Fifth Avenue.

New York Christmas Window

They were like nothing we’d ever seen before. These displays were absolutely mind-blowing with their attention to detail. They were simply divine.





Macy’s Christmas Baubles! (iPhriday)

On visiting Macy’s last Christmas, there’s no denying I had more than a little Christmas Bauble Envy on seeing what they had hanging from their ceilings.

Macys Ball

What I found most astonishing with these decorations is that they looked so absolutely spectacular but as you can see here, there wasn’t an over abundance of baubles, just perfectly chosen and placed ones.

Just goes to show, one can’t simply place one’s baubles willy-nilly, it must be well thought out and structured!





How many sleeps until Christmas?


17 Sleeps





The Romantic Manifesto (Cover Makeover #19)

My goodness, it feels like forever since I’ve participated in one of Desley’s and Lucille’s fabulous Cover Makeover Challenges so it feels good to be dipping my toes back in their creative challenge.

As it was, I was began editing this photo of a NYC Christmas window from last year for another challenge not long after I read Desley’s post about this week’s cover makeover. One thing lead to another and consequently, here is my book jacket.

The Romantic Manifesto

It’s so NOT the simplistic stylings associated with the jacket of an Ayn Rand, lol. Talk about going from one extreme to the next huh?

Due to the reflections in the window, I had to really beef up the contrast to remove them. However this worked to my benefit by adding a little hint of mystery to this capture.

Cover Makeover Badge








A Christmas Frame! (Weekly Travel Theme)

Aisla from over at Where’s My Backpack has given us the challenge word of FRAME this week. As I scrolled through my archives looking for something suitable I came across my New York Christmas photographs of Macy’s Christmas windows.


Each window was a different planet portraying a different Christmas scene. Each so different. Each so spectacular. Each framed so elegantly.

Where's my Backpack?