Gotta love them balls! (Travel Theme: Balls)

When visiting Niagara Falls one spring break, as gob-smacking as the fall themselves where, the mist from the falls that had frozen on anything and everything around the falls was just as fascinating.

Most intriguing were the ice-balls that had formed on top of so many of the plants immediately above the falls on the boardwalk. Mother natures very own cake pops!

Balls is this week’s fun Travel Theme from Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack.




Icy Details (A Photo a Week Challenge: Details)

For something so natural and so totally random, the details in icicles always fascinate me. These were the icicles we discovered hanging on the side of Niagara Falls as we walked the tunnels underneath. They looked as cold as we felt.


Details is this week’s word from Nancy Merrill and her A Photo a Week Challenge.






BELOW Niagara Falls (Weekly Travel Theme)

When I read Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack had chosen Below as her travel themed challenge word for this week, given how cold I’m feeling right now, this image came immediately to mind.

Below Niagara Falls

We were standing under the falls at Niagara when I took this photo. Technically it was spring since it was March, but the icicles were still hanging long and strong as the water continued to drop over the falls, creating the mist that formed these and many other unique ice formations.

Where's my Backpack?





CAREFUL as you go! (WPC)

With each step we took as we wandered around Niagara Falls, the ice formed from the mist coming off the falls had has being extremely CAREFUL… this week’s Daily Post challenge word.

Careful where you walk!

Not that this ice stopped us at all as it was quite amazing, although at the same time surreal, seeing so many everyday objects encased in ice. It was certainly slow going but most definitely worth the effort!





The Icy WATERS of Niagara (MM2-13)

Blame it on the weather – that’s certainly what I’m doing. We seem to have had a lot of hot weather lately yet oddly, a lot of my photo choices are of cold weather scenes. No guessing my preference of weather, lol!

This week for Monochrome Madness with Leanne Cole, being the first week of the month there’s a theme and the theme is… water.

The Icy Waters of Niagara - MM2-13

When looking for a photo with water, there were so many different ways to go – reflections, sunsets, or rivers to name but a few – all sorts of things. Yet for me, Niagara Falls will always hold a special magic for me.

Yes, this photo has window reflections in it. And yes it’s not in the preferred thirds suggested for taking photos but you know what? I really like it.

The memories behind this photo are what I see whenever I look at it, sitting at lunch with my family having the biggest laugh over who knows what but as my Darling Son likes to say… good times, good times!



Frozen balls… the last thing I imagined to see at Niagara Falls!


Following our chat last Friday Miss P, this one’s for you my dear. It’s the Negative version of my submission a little earlier for this week’s Travel Theme Word Challenge: Subtle that I’d been playing with when you made the suggestion that you did, lol!

Miss Ps frozen balls

These ice balls that have formed on what one can only assume will be some sort of foliage at Niagara Falls come the summer, when processed like this remind me of those exotic mushrooms you see in the veggie section of the grocers.

Great, now I feel like stir-fry for supper…




Niagara’s Ice Balls (Travel Theme: Subtle)


This week’s word from the Travel Theme Challenge by Where’s my Backpack is SUBTLE and what did I think of… Niagara Falls! Doesn’t everyone think of a raging waterfall when thinking of subtle? No?

On arriving at Niagara Falls, once our sense of wonderment from the sheer size and thunderous sound had subsided, but only just, we began to appreciate the forms the frozen mist had created around us.

The Subtle mist of Niagara Falls!

With water still cascading down the falls, one could see the mist at the actual falls themselves as it rose high into the air but what we failed to appreciate was the SUBTLE mist in the air which created these wonderfully unique sculptures.

These ice balls which had simply formed on top of the pruned branches of nearby bushes, particularly piqued our interest!

wheres my backpack

Force of Nature: Weekly Photo Challenge


The Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post for this week is… FORCES OF NATURE and what could be more natural, and more forceful than Niagara Falls… in winter!

True Force of Nature

We visited the falls back in March 2013, something that had been on my “REALLY must-do” list since missing the opportunity back last century when I was first on the east-coast of Canada.

Before arriving I was so disappointed it was too early in the season for the boat tours but from the moment we looked out our hotel room window and saw this, disappointment grew to awe! How could something that carried such a huge volume of water possibly have ice?!

Even now I look at my photos and shake my head in wonder as it was simply INCREDIBLE to witness this natural phenomenon. Ah yes, Mother Nature… never mess with a woman, but more importantly, NEVER EVER mess with a mother!



The view from above!

What could be better to waking up to Niagara Falls outside your window then to seeing Niagara Falls from above!

As the Maid of the Mist tours are closed for the winter we surprised the children this morning with a helicopter flight. The view of Niagara Falls from above is indescribable!

From here you really appreciated where the name Horse Shoe came from!

That building on the right is where we came back to for lunch but by which time the weather had turned from brilliant sunshine to snow. The Gods were certainly looking after us this morning but at least it made for interesting photos this afternoon!

How quickly things can change...

The change in weather however didn’t interfere with our experience of Niagara Fury, a 4D movie at Table Rock, or exploring the tunnels behind the falls where we saw the icicles up close!

Up close and personal with Niagara Falls

Looking out from the peep-holes directly behind the falls was impossible with so much ice but there was no denying the effect it created.

2013 Spring Break 127

Regardless of the weather, one can always have fun with the hotel’s three-storey high water slide!

This slide was three storey's high!

With an early shuttle pick-up tomorrow we were not only awake to see tonight’s Illumination of the falls but we were so engrossed with our packing we didn’t even notice when it finished.

Today was such an action-packed day there was never a moment for even a hint of a whisper of… “mum, how much longer?”

What a view!

Our EPIC Spring Break Vacation began last night with the red-eye flight from Vancouver to Toronto, yee-hah!

Once again as we were making our way through the airport I questioned my wisdom with this decision of the red-eye but we arrived in Toronto with our shuttle waiting for us, and miracle of miracles, our room at Niagara Falls at 9am ready… BOO YAH… it was SO the correct decision!

This is the view from our room… shocking isn’t it?!

Niagara Falls from our Window

Then tonight in the other direction it looked like this…

Niagara at Night from our Room!

But not before we went walked around Table Rock to see first-hand some of the amazing ice formations made as the mist comes off the falls. I love how only half of the trees form ice!

Guess which way the wind is blowing?!

The grass growing on the falls side of the stone and ironing fencing looks as if it should be growing on the ocean bed.

Alian grass forms!

These balls on the pruned bushes although I didn’t understand the how or why, I sure as heck appreciated the beauty and wonder of mother nature!

I have to ask... what the???

The icing of the fences certainly makes them safer as neither of my buddy little climbers could achieve footing in an attempt to get closer to the falls!

Iced Fences!

For dinner tonight we treated ourselves to an amazing meal at the hotel’s restaurant, Watermark. It was just magnificent (if only we’d taken the camera, lol)!

It never ceases to amaze me the look of astonishment on waiters faces though when our children ask for their steaks medium-rare then proceed to eat every morsel. Oh how I do love our little carnivores!

Having taken the red-eye flight last night we were all so exhausted we couldn’t even stay awake to see “The Illumination” show of lights on Niagara Falls. We were that tired there was not even once utterance of… “mum, how much longer?”