Lurking in the Shadows (Fav Foto Friday)

With only the street lights shining through the open blinds, our Halloween decorations certainly had me doing a double take one night as I wandered out to the living room.

Lurking in the Shadows!

Miss Twelve had decorated the window obviously with a giant spider, which in the daylight looked effective enough. What neither of us had expected though was the shadows created by the street light across the road. Bonus!

Happy Black Friday!





Crystallized Fireworks (Fav Foto Friday)

Last week I found myself a new photo challenge – Fav Foto Friday – hosted by Sandy over at Scribbles & Musings. (Of course I read it as FUN not FAV initially but it’s all one and the same isn’t it, lol?)

This is a photograph I took New Year’s Eve of some of our fireworks. Before it exploded with all it’s colour, it stood burning in the snow, looking more than a little sad. However simply with a little crystallizing from me it made so much more appealing!

Crystallized Fireworks

Crystallizing hides all the footprints and the nasty dirt and stone residue spurted onto the snow when the giant snow-blower chugs down the road. A quick and easy fix to quickly make it a fav!






A New York City Night (OWPC)

This was one of those moments where you want to cram as much into a photo that you possibly can but are very limited with time and ability. We were walking out of Macy’s in New York when something was flying past the Empire State Building.

Night time in New York!

The moon was close by also, then as I was framing the photo I could see the American flags in the corner (our last night of a week there and I only just notice them!). Photographically it’s not great, but memory wise, it’s perfect for me!

Night is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge word from Jennifer at Jennifer Nichole Wells. Drop by for a visit if you haven’t already done so as there’s still a few more challenge words for this year!