Colours of the Night Sky(Wordless Wednesday)


Colours of the Night






Hanging on a Moon Beam (Wordless Wednesday)


Hanging on a Moon Beam

Notable NIGHT Time! (26 Week Letter Challenge: N)

This was one of those fluke shots last month when I just happened to be up for a nature break. As I glanced out the window before climbing back into bed this is what I happened upon.

Night Time

It was one of those rare, magical moments I would have normally slept through, completely oblivious as to the beauty that was just outside my door.

Although I have to say, as I stood out on our back deck shivering in my pjs, I did question what the heck I was doing out there at that hour, lol!

26 Weeks Letter Challenge





Natures Rebooting! (Wordless Wednesday)

Natures Rebooting!


Line in the Sky! (Wordless Wednesday)

Line in the Sky