The Under Belly (One Four Challenge – Week 2)

It’s Week 2 of the fabulous One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn Gosby of Captivate Me.

For this week, I simply cropped my photograph following the edits I did for last week. This was done to highlight the gills of the mushroom even more-so. These gills absolutely fascinate me – such a paradox being so delicate yet so hardy all at once.


A quick recap on my edits from last week. The photograph had been cropped just a little to bring the gills closer as well as bumping up the contrast to also enhance them. Then all I did was tweak both the vibrancy and clarity.

Below is last week’s submission as well as the original for comparison.

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If you aren’t familiar with the One-Four-Challenge is where you choose one of your own photographs and for four weeks, you edit this photo differently each week. Sounds easy enough but doesn’t always work out that way, lol!





Tallinn Tower ( November One Four Challenge – Week 2)

Here we are Week 2 of the November One Four Challenge being hosted this month by Photography by Nic. This is the challenge where we choose one of our own captures then process it a different way for four consecutive weeks.

For this week I’ve simply changed out the colour to monochrome, done a little cropping but have left the church on a slight angle, giving more emphasis to the tree in front.


Here is my original photo and last week’s processing for comparisons.

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Be sure to check out Nic’s blog, Photography by Nic, for her work this week on the challenge and also for the links to all the other submissions for the One Four Challenge.

the ONE FOUR Challenge