Just how long did THIS delivery take? (JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Skeleton)

As we walked around Manhattan we spied this skeleton hanging randomly from a tree in front of a store. The thing was that it was March not October but hey, it was New York City!

Skeleton is today’s challenge word for Jennifer Nichole Wells Halloween Challenge.





It’s a Santa GATHERING! (WPC: Gathering)

What can I say, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York last year made a lasting impression on me. Hence when I saw the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was GATHERING, I knew immediately what I was sharing!


Given it’s only three sleeps until the fat guy in the red suit visits, it seemed more than a tad appropriate… ho ho ho!




Choose your Fabric… (Travel Theme: Fabric)

So much fabric is used in the many elaborate costumes for The Rockettes, and of course the many other performers in New York City’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular making it just that… spectacular!

Fabric of Society

This performance is sadly also not immune to how the very fabric of society is transitioning and how we as spectators are subliminally subjected to advertising when we least expect it!

Where's my Backpack?




Double OOPS! (WPC: Oops)

After reading so many wonderful posts for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I dang near forgot to post one myself, OOPS! Here is one of my classic oops moments from the Statue of Liberty last Christmas Eve.

Oops from the Statue of Liberty

The combination of having played with my camera settings the previous night, my dislike for closed-in spaces, having rain-drops seep into places you can’t easily dry whilst in public, and plain old exhaustion from having travelled almost an entire day to get there the day before, I wasn’t checking my photos as I went.

Plus, the half-dozen rain jackets I’d bought for my camera were all tucked away in my drawer back in Canada, oops. Hence the rain had me taking my photo then quickly putting me camera back under my jacket for protection against any water damage.

By the time I discovered what I’d done we’d arrived at the point of no return. Turns out there is only one way in and one way out of this great Beauty Queen. Oh well, just means we’ll have to go back… oh gosh darn it!




Macy’s Christmas Baubles! (iPhriday)

On visiting Macy’s last Christmas, there’s no denying I had more than a little Christmas Bauble Envy on seeing what they had hanging from their ceilings.

Macys Ball

What I found most astonishing with these decorations is that they looked so absolutely spectacular but as you can see here, there wasn’t an over abundance of baubles, just perfectly chosen and placed ones.

Just goes to show, one can’t simply place one’s baubles willy-nilly, it must be well thought out and structured!





A New York Christmas! (Monochrome Monday)

Christmas in New York last year was never going to be like Christmas at home so why even bother trying to do things the same.

New York Christmas Tree

With the help of some Christmas candy, battery operated tea-lights and some clear, clean star-buck cups, a Christmas tree as made and it was just beautiful!




Just ONE of Macy’s Christmas Windows! (iPhriday)

This is just one of the window displays Macy had last Christmas. At the time, although I didn’t quite understand the whole “interstellar” concept, I did appreciate all the attention to detail. The windows were just gorgeous!

Macy Christmas Window

And of course, now as I see my photos on the big screen, I finally see the story written at the bottom of the window. Hey, it was New York City and we were getting a really early start to the Boxing Day sales so cut me some slack please, lol!




A New York City Night (OWPC)

This was one of those moments where you want to cram as much into a photo that you possibly can but are very limited with time and ability. We were walking out of Macy’s in New York when something was flying past the Empire State Building.

Night time in New York!

The moon was close by also, then as I was framing the photo I could see the American flags in the corner (our last night of a week there and I only just notice them!). Photographically it’s not great, but memory wise, it’s perfect for me!

Night is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge word from Jennifer at Jennifer Nichole Wells. Drop by for a visit if you haven’t already done so as there’s still a few more challenge words for this year!







So Kitsch yet so Cool – Wordless Wednesday

Kitsch but cool

Obligatory Pigeon

As if going to the top of the Empire State Building wasn’t fabulous enough, as I stood admiring the view, in flew a pigeon!

Obligatory Pigeon on Empire State Building

Oddly though, it was only myself and a fifteen year old with her smart phone that were excited by this visitor.

The pigeon didn’t stay long however; I managed only one photo before it flew off into the distance. There wasn’t even time enough to ask… “mum, how much longer?”