Christmas Markets – Tallinn (Fav Foto Friday)

Walking around the old city of Tallinn – Estonia for the first time, to stumble upon this Christmas Market was almost too much for me. It reminded me of the wonderful Christmas markets from when I lived in Germany.

Christmas Markets - Tallinn

We were so very lucky to have experienced it at all. It was early January and the night we just happened to wander down to these markets turned out to be the very night they were packing up. How lucky was that?!





Tallinn Tower (November One Four Challenge – Week 4)

The checkered flag is flying in the breeze, we are at the fourth and final week of the One Four Challenge being hosted this month by Photography by Nic. Being the last week I have done a little bit of everything with a little bit of everything.

First I dabbled in Photoshop, then it was a quick visit to Snapseed before returning to PhotoScape. And here we are. Where was this influence last month for Halloween I ask?!


Here is my original photo I took in the beautiful old city of Tallinn – Estonia, along with all my previous three weeks of editing.

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It’s been an absolutely fabulous month. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the One Four Challenge for November as much as I have. Many thanks to the ever patient and helpful Nic for hosting this month – it’s been a blast!

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Tallinn Tower (November One Four Challenge – Week 3)

Week 3 of the November One Four Challenge hosted this month by Photography by Nic. This is where we choose a photo of our own then process it a different way for the next four weeks.

My plan this week was to simply alter the saturation. Then I began tweaking colours, brightness, and hues. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t touch the contrast but couldn’t help myself. And once I did that I felt some severe cropping was required.


Strangely, I really like the editing for this week. Some might say too much but I really like how it feel as if the tree is almost three-dimensional. Below is my original and the previous weeks processing.

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To see more submissions for this challenge, head over to Nic’s blog, Photography by Nic to see hers and the links to everyone else participating in the One Four Challenge this month.

the ONE FOUR Challenge





First glimpses of Tallinn, Estonia!

Hubby had had meetings unexpectedly in Tallinn just prior to Christmas then was asked to return again in the new year. Since he was going to be there longer and with a hotel room already booked, he suggested that perhaps I’d like to join him once his business in Scandinavia concluded.

Honestly I didn’t think he was serious hence it was a mad scramble making arrangements for the children who, for the first time EVER, would not be joining us. Once the bank balance was consulted, my flights were confirmed on his way to the airport, lol!

Finally with children secured and three flights behind me, I arrived into Tallinn under the cloak of darkness last Tuesday evening so come Wednesday morning, having been awake since 4am, I was more than ready for some quick sight-seeing before Hubby left for his meetings. With our hotel located in the Medieval Old Town there was something to be seen everywhere you looked.

Almost beside our hotel was Saint Olaf’s Church. It dates back to 1267 with its current form taking shape in the 16th Century. Between 1549 to 1625 this church was known as the tallest building in the World! Plus, the story is that during Soviet times, the KGB used this tall spire for radio communications.

Saint Olaf's Church

Walking down the street with its cobble-stones, it wasn’t hard to feel as if we’d been transported back in time. Reval as Tallinn was originally known as, became “the” spot in the 13th-Century for traders who helped shape this city with this unique beauty we see now, completely enclosed within its own city wall!

Walking down Pikk Street... OUR street!

Then turning the corner to the Town Square it was if Christmas had arrived again when we saw the city’s Christmas Tree still on display and better yet, the Christmas Markets still in place. How’s this for fate though, little did we know after we went back that afternoon after they’d opened the markets, this was their LAST day!

Town Square with Christmas Markets

Tallinn’s Old City is simply beautiful with its old world charm and wonderful coffee shops. There’s so much to show you that it will take days, if not weeks so be warned. For a change it may be YOU instead of my children declaring… “mum, how much longer?”