A Moment of Stillness (One Photo Focus: November)

This month for One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing, Julie Powell of Julie Powell Photography has offered one of her beautiful images to edit.

Something about Julie’s image reminded me of my grandfather’s old cottage. So much so I could even smell that distinct residue from the wood-burning stove he had. Being on his own for almost a decade, it was very much an old man cottage.


With these memories from so long ago in mind, I edited the photo as such. After rotating the image slightly then cropping it, I decreased the saturation for that “old-world” feel. A grunge filter was then added followed by a weathered frame.

It now reminds of one of those thick, old photos you’d once see at an elderly relatives house. It proudly displayed behind a support on the sideboard, still in its original cardboard folder. The photo slightly crazed from years of gentle viewing.

It’s such a contrast to Julie’s crisp, clean image below.


If you aren’t familiar with One Photo Focus challenge, it’s a once a month challenge where everyone has the opportunity to edit the same one image. The results are always mind-boggling. Be sure to see all the submissions over at Visual Venturing, they will amaze you!


One Photo Focus Badge




Forgotten Shed (One Four Challenge – Week 2)

For Week 2 of the One Four Challenge by Robyn I have to admit, with the children back at school this week and routines yet to be forged, I couldn’t tell you precisely what editing I’ve done this week except a little of EVERYTHING! 🙂

1-4-2 - Who knows WHAT I did!

At a glance I can safely say there was a little straightening, a change to sepia, the adding of a film frame, oh and not only was there some fiddling with the contrast in there but I fiddled with the hues and temperatures also (‘cause I could!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hopefully the slide-show is working today, it seems to be a little hit and miss of late but why should it be any different to me this week, lol!

the ONE FOUR Challenge





September’s One Focus Photo… albeit a “smidge” late!

This was meant to be in with Stacy at Visual Venturing last week but once again I managed to “lose” two weeks (wish I could lose weight that easy…) hence I’m playing catch up this week at an alarming speed.

Here is my interpretation of this month’s photograph submitted by Benjamin Rowe.

One Focus September

This is Benjamin Rowe’s original photograph. As you can see I’ve taken out all the benches, removed a roof from behind the right wall whilst also removing the bitumen path, then cropped and played with contrast and hues then added a border.

One Focus Friday - Benjamin Rowe

Not much at all, just a little tweaking, lol! To see all the other interpretations of this one photograph, click on Stacy’s icon below. This challenge for me highlights what I love about photography, we all see the same thing yet see it so very differently!






Just plain creepy! (DP Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is… CREEPY!

One morning as I sat enjoying the warmth of the summer sun (yes, shocker I know, but even I on a brisk beginning to a day enjoys this!) something at the corner of my eye kept drawing my attention. Investigations resulted in this

Creepy Kid

There’s just no nice way to say this except… it’s freakin’ creepy! I think it was meant to be advertising ice-cream but it was, to quote Miss Twelve, just disturbing.






Just an OLD-FASHIONED kinda gal! (Weekly Travel Theme)

The weekly challenge theme this week from Aisla at Where’s My Backpack? is Old-Fashioned… just like me, lol! 😉

Old Fashioned Cup and Saucer

My parents had what I consider a lot of “old school” values. There were little things such as the sitting down together for meals with morning and afternoon tea everyday at 9am and 3pm respectively and always served with cups, saucers and side plates.

There were also the obvious things with my parents that many consider as being old-fashioned, such as manners and how one dressed. Dressing for home was VERY different to dressing to go out which INCLUDED going to the grocery shop.

Even now I sometimes hear my mother’s voice before I head out the door ensuring I’m dressed correctly. Something I have no doubt I’m passing onto my children. Its more than once come back to me that I’m “old-fashioned” but hey, there are far worse things to be called, lol!

Where's my Backpack?



The Old, the New, the In-Between! (Flower Friday)


This was my view during my Mother’s Day brunch. For some it may not have been appealing, yet I found this outlook more than a tad pleasing.

The old, the new, the inbetween

The peeling paint on this old church provided the perfect backdrop for the purple in these flowers.




Looking over Estonia!

Mere contemplation and reminiscing has had me here for hours looking through the photographs I took whilst in Estonia. What can I say, I’m still pinching myself that I was actually there, it all feels like such a dream. What an incredible start to the new year, I feel so blessed!

Anyhoo, with the clock ticking I’d best post something,  ANYTHING before I discover its tomorrow and I’m looking for TWO days of photos, ahhh. My problem? Simply the fact my notebook has gone wandering so I’m unable to “contain” my thoughts, something very necessary for me to remain on track, lol!

And speaking of tracks, what a track it was to get up to one of the viewing areas of the Old City of Tallinn but it was so worth it when presented with this. With the light snow that had fallen overnight and still falling, it only added to the “fairy-tale” mystic of this bewitching city with its many church spires and old-world towers.

Looking over Estonia!

It’s not until you are looking over the Old City that you appreciate how close to the water you are, especially when you see so many ferries just over there!

Looking over Estonia Water-ways - beautiful!

Whilst walking the cobble-stone streets of Tallinn it felt surreal and even now, looking at some of these photos, it still seems all very surreal.

Looking over Estonia - we were just down there but it wasn't a case of simply walking up some stairs!

 So many photographs, so many memories but so many friends who assisted me with this opportunity to be with my husband in such an amazing environment. How can I, when will I ever be able to thank you all… “mum, how much longer?”