Hands up who likes Halloween (JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Spooky)

Last year I came across these “bloody hand prints” purely by chance. I had them decorating both our front door and our front windows for that little something spooky for our visitors!

Jennifer Nichole Wells is once again hosting her fun Halloween Challenge. Today’s challenge word is… Spooky.







Kangaroo feet – they’re bigger then you think! (OWPC – Kangaroo)

Maybe it’s because I’ve had friends who’ve repeatedly had fences kicked down by kangaroos, or maybe it’s simply the size of their top paws but I confess, I have very few warm and fuzzy feelings towards the kangaroo.

Then again, there’s no denying when a joey pops its head out of the pouch it is super cute! Kangaroo is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells this week.






Each person’s Journey is different! (OWPC – Journey)

Looking out the window the other night, I had to look twice to check what I was actually seeing. Obviously it was time for this summer’s journey to be packed away!

Journey is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Evening Jewel (OWPC – Jewelry)

Watching the sun set some nights it’s as if Mother Nature has donned her finest jewelry in celebration of yet another wonderful day and the prospect of an even better one tomorrow.

Jewelry is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Well.








Home is where the pods are! (OWPC)

First I vowed and declared we’d never get a coffee machine that took pods. Yep, bought one. Then I vowed and declared I would never get a pod dispenser. Yep, got one of those too!

The children have lived in ten different homes in their short lifetime. Many things make a home but one thing that’s certain, once mama has her daily caffeine sorted life becomes a whole lot better!

Home is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells this week.





Summer Stunner! (OWPC – Hippo)

How gorgeous is this beauty, sunny themself near the water’s edge. Having only ever seen hippopotamuses standing in the waters of Africa, this was the first time I’d ever seen a hippopotamus out of water. It was incredible!

The turkey vultures standing nearby a little off-putting however. Are they standing guard or waiting for the meat to bake in the midday sun I wonder?

Hippo is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.




Careful, I’m always watching… (OWPC – Hideout)

One should  be careful of what’s lurking in the shadows. You never know who or what could be watching, waiting for their moment to pounce. Crocodiles are perfect examples of being able to find just the right hideout in murky waters.

It was more than a tad disconcerting to hear our white-water rafting guide in Costa Rica advise us that in the shallow depths beside us there was a crocodile. Fortunately this one was in an enclosure on another continent nowhere near our raft!

Hideout is the One Week Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.