All the magic of Christmas!

From our house to yours…
we wish you, your family and friends all the magic of Christmas!

May your 2018 be filled with more good times then bad,
more happy days then sad – until next year!

Joanne x







Whoo whoo likes Christmas? (Macro Monday)

What’s not to love about this cute little owl nestled amongst the branches of our foyer Christmas tree, keeping his delicate glass self out of harms way?

At least one hopes this owl is out of harms way. With two cats that seem to digress to kitten mode whenever the temperatures begin dropping, it’s hard to know for certain!








Christmas Joy (Christmas Countdown)

These oversized Christmas ornaments were some of the very first Christmas decorations I bought here to celebrate our very first Christmas in Canada.

Finding the right spot for them since our move though proved more than a little challenging. So much so they weren’t even unboxed last year. This year however they sit out proudly complete with tea-lights.







Into the night sky! (Wordless Wednesday)








Primped up Prancer! (Christmas Countdown)







Images within the Camera! (Macro Monday)

The instant I saw this ornament last year I knew it had to be mine. That tiny scene created within the camera itself spoke volumes to me as so often when I take a photo, it’s as much about the memory of that moment as it is about that one image.

Image within the Camera

Finding ornaments then for the rest of the family of course took a little longer, especially since mine was so meaningful. Then I dragged them to New York to put them in our stockings, then dragged them home again. The things we do for Christmas!