Liz shedding her Winter Coat!

Having been cloaked in cloud-cover since our return from vacation last week, to see Mount Elizabeth now with the sun shining down upon her, its apparent the snow is disappearing quickly from her.

Mount Liz sheding her winter coat

Looks like summer really is on its way. Perhaps there’ll be no more asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Surreal Scenery!

Sometimes I honestly have to pinch myself when I look at the mountains ranges and forests outside my kitchen window. It really does seem quite surreal at times.

Surreal Scenery - breathtaking!

This view is simply breath-taking so I dare not ask… “mum, how much longer?”

Oh Liz, you were almost TOTALLY nak-ked!

With the rain we’d experienced over the week-end and particularly yesterday, I honestly thought that the last remaining snow clinging tightly to the side of Mount Elizabeth would finally be extinguished. This would have left Liz completely naked!

Lizzy you're almost nak-ked!

But alas, as the rain clouds that had been covering Liz for the last few days lifted late yesterday evening, Liz’s nakedness was not revealed. In fact it was the opposite.

What happened Liz?

Yep, there was snow up there on them there hills. There was snow to the right but this snow I captured this morning is no longer there thanks to today’s sunshine.

Snow to the Right

However, the snow over to the left is still quietly sitting, waiting for more, MUCH MORE!

Snow to the Left

Now we just want snow, serious snow, down here but… “mum, how much longer?”

Spring Colors!

It’s when the sun is shining the brightest I think the true colors of Spring truly come out here!

Gorgeous Spring Colors!

Quite honestly, this view out my kitchen window always takes my breath away.

With the colors becoming so vibrant it really feels like Spring is here. There’s certainly no more questioning…”mum, how much longer?”

Out my kitchen window!

One would think by now that looking out my kitchen window at something other than children playing in the backyard or hummingbirds around the sugar feeding would be getting old but heck no, there is always something to be seen.

Plus, for whatever reasons, the last two days have not gone to plan. Not that they were particularly bad days by any stretch of the imagination, but when one seems to run from one thing to the next without anytime to breathe in-between, I don’t like it.

I’m a Domestic Goddess for goodness sakes, not a Corporate Climber so there shouldn’t be any reason to be rushing. Thank goodness for my kitchen window!

It’s like my very own Nature Channel but without the reruns! Although I’m sure for those of you who aren’t physically here looking out my window, one snow-capped mountain is the same as another. Am I right?

I will always beg to differ I’m sorry, especially looking at these far off mountains still caked in what appears to be a lovely deep coating of snow. Truly, aren’t they simply divine?

Mountains, trees and snow... LOVE IT!!!

With the deep green of the trees against the contrast of the white of the snow, for me its always glorious and certainly never tiring.

My children on the other-hand when I gasp at the beauty of the sun streaming down upon the snow… “mum, how much longer?”

Good weather for ducks!

I only joked with someone on Tuesday that I hadn’t moved to Kitimat for the sunshine – I’m here strictly for the snow and grey weather!

People seldom believe me when I say that but I’ve given up trying to convince them otherwise. I don’t like bright sunshine, perhaps I was a vampire in another life who knows… it would certainly explain why I enjoyed traveling through the Transylvanian Alps of Romania so much!

Looking out the window this morning though, seeing the mist amongst the branches of the trees, it was just beautiful. This photo doesn’t do the scene justice!

Sometimes photos just don't give reality the credit it deserves!

Anyways, for the majority of folks in town it’s simply been wet and miserable for the last two days but for Master Eleven and his mates it’s also been a biking delight. The lads spent two hours yesterday slipping and sliding around town.

I really do need to buy him more sneakers though as the ones that came home yesterday were beyond recognition. With only one pair it means they must go directly into the wash, to be dried overnight in readiness for the following day.

Yes, the poor lad is quite correct in asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Out my kitchen window!

Its been ages since I’ve seen Liz looking so good. Actually, its been ages since I’ve even seen her for that matter! This was her Sunday evening…

Evening on the mountain!

Then to see her in daylight hours – this was her at breakfast this morning.

Good morning beautiful!

Than after lunch.

Lunch with Liz!

Australia may have Ayers Rock but I’m so glad Kitimat has Mount Elizabeth! Plus I’m so glad that I can take all these photos during school hours whereby alleviating the need to hear my children screech… “mum, how much longer?”


I’m not normally the biggest fan of the sun but looking out my kitchen window with the sun shining down onto the snow, well

This is to the left of my kitchen window.

Is this not gorgeous!

This is to the right of my kitchen window.

So so pretty!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I see such beauty. I am truly blessed but I can’t help but ask myself… “mum, how much longer?”