Just below me on the rocks! (Feathered Friday)

What a delight to see one of my Bald Eagles down on the rocky beach below our house instead of tucked away on the branches of our tree. The branches which neither face our house nor allow me a clear view of them, grrr!

With such an abundance of bird life this spring I thought I’d begin a “Feathered Friday” to introduce you to just a few of the new, and not so new, arrivals!






Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (Wordless Wednesday)








Cloudy Monday Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

Daylight savings finished for the summer here yesterday. It’s just in the nick of time given that winter will unbelievably be here next month.

Although I’m still wrapping my head around the fact in this day and age the seasons begin during the month not on the first of the month when I grew up. Or maybe that was just a southern hemisphere thing!







Dinner doesn’t get much fresher! (Wordless Wednesday)








Misty Meanderings (Wordless Wednesday)







And away she goes! (OWPC – Heron)

There are two beautiful herons that come visiting of an evening when the tides go out. On the odd occasion there is even sometimes a third heron.

There are moments I wish I could get so much closer to these birds but then I remind myself how lucky these herons are to have this time to themselves without any pesky people about!

Heron is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Down in the grass! (Travel Theme – Grass)

Monday morning I was momentarily glued to my spot in the sun room. There was a deer lying down in our very grassy backyard. This in itself isn’t unusual but there was something in her position that wasn’t right, it worried me.

I held my breath looking for clues as to what was the problem and what I should do. Then… two little heads popped up!

My mama deer had not long ago given birth. These little darlings were still wet and wobbly on their legs it was so beautiful to watch. Immediately I ran downstairs, woke the children and had them upstairs to view these little wonders of life.💞

Grassy is this week’s Travel Challenge from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?




Just another snowy Sunday (Wordless Wednesday)









Summer Skies at Sunset (Wordless Wednesday)


Summer Skies at Sunset







The view from my sunroom! (Wordless Wednesday)

My Orcas