Opposites Attract

Out of the corner of my eye I thought it was perhaps a sap on the ground but on closer inspection it was a flower of sorts.

Opposites Attract

The white flowers against the bark and dead leaves provided quite a contrast. Night and day. Not something you see every day.

As to seeing something like this again… “mum, how much longer?”

Natures own Cryovac System!

This is so obviously a “Spring Thing” here in Kitimat as exactly the same thing happened last year. The only difference is that last year I invested loads of money and time in rectifying the situation. This year, as I watched neighbors trim or remove their trees, I simply let nature take its course.

Cyocaking Naturally - branches

It was almost a shame it wasn’t Halloween as the effect of all these webs was quite stunning and would have been perfect for October 31. Even the seating around the base was webbed. How incredible is this?

Cyocaking naturally - seat area

Of course the little critters creating this natural “cryovac” effect weren’t quite as stunning but hey, that’s life isn’t it? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It is said... beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

As for our tree, looking at it now you’d have no clue as to how it looked just a few months ago in June – it’s as good as new, even for Autumn!

Post Cryovac - just like new

Who knew that by simply letting Mother Nature work through her own “to-do” list our tree would come back looking even better than before. Will this happen EVERY spring-time from here on in? As only time will tell there’s no point asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

When first we practice to deceive!

Why is it that I always think of this quote of Sir Walter Scott’s when I look at a spider in its web? It is deceptively pretty though isn’t it?

What a well decorated spider!

Deceiving, lying, to me they are the same. Sometimes I think lying should become an Olympic event. Seriously, I jest not. Lying seems to have become a more than acceptable past-time, and I’m not talking about children telling these whoppers, more-so it seems to be adults! WTF?

And I’m not talking about the little lacy lie that you might tell when in the midst of a good story and suddenly find yourself on a roll, perhaps “embellishing” the story a tad. I’m talking about the huge extensive lies that bare absolutely NO relevance to anything but are created for the sole purpose of instance reaction or gratification, or something else – I’m just not sure what that something else could be. It’s too much.

You know how you read those true stories in magazine with that little disclosure at the bottom that says how the names have been changed to protect their identity. Well, with these lies, don’t you find sometimes that only the names are the same, the rest of the story is total bogus.

Once upon a time I felt sorry for these people believing it was a cry for help/attention/insert-your-own-word-here but now, I have absolutely no compassion for them. I sometimes wonder if these people have children and what do they think they are teaching them as you don’t need to be seated in front of blackboard to learn.

Lies will always come back to bite you. Question is… “mum, how much longer?”

Prize Winning Catch!!!

This morning Master Twelve was back down at the river. This time as he had company other than his mum, he’d invited a friend to join him, I was able to return home “for my camera“, driving via the mall to pick up some items I needed.

Then on seeing the grocery store car-park all-but empty I decided it would be a good time to do a big shop. This all made the morning pass very quickly. So quickly in-fact that I missed THIS… a 12lb Coho Salmon!!!

Prize Catch - a Coho Salmon!

Fortunately he’d only JUST caught this Coho when I arrived. Everyone on the river were still so excited for him, it was fabulous. The Cheshire Cat has nothing on the grin Master Twelve was wearing, even his friend was grinning – priceless!

The next few fish that were caught were Humpy Salmon. How insane looking are these?!

What the HECK - it's called a HUMP back - why?

Apparently they aren’t the best for eating so are seldom kept. Yep, fishing with friends is just so much more fun!

Fishing with friends

Especially when mum isn’t walking around the river banks with a look that says…”mum, how much longer?”

Only twelve hours home and…


It didn’t take Master Twelve long to haul in his first catch. He then went and simply netted himself a Pink Salmon but today was all about catch and release!

Net Fishing!

We only went for an hour but even I have to agree it was nice to be back down on the river surrounded by our gorgeous mountains.

Master Twelve is planning a much longer expedition for tomorrow, in fact he’s bringing in reinforcements. Lucky me as I no longer have to ask…  “mum, how much longer?”

Rainy day… perfect timing!

After the last week being as busy as it has been, waking up to the sound of rain on the roof this morning couldn’t have been more timely.

Even the Hummingbirds were appreciative of the raindrops!

Hummingbird and Raindrops

I know the photo is slightly blurry but I don’t mind, the memory I’ve captured is enough for me… and that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it, lol!

That and the fact after waiting for another 15 minutes for the above Hummingbird to return and didn’t, I ended up retreating back downstairs but sadly not before crying out the window… “mum, how much longer?”

Beginning of Summer Vacation!

When I looked out the window and saw this late yesterday, I took it as a good omen for this year’s Summer Vacation – a rainbow in our valley!

Rainbows in Kitimat Valley - Joanne Ritchie

The best part of Summer Vacation having now begun, not counting NOT having to get up at dawn to make breakfast and lunches whilst still asleep, is that I no longer have to hear the question… “MUM, HOW MUCH LONGER?”

Who are you?

With the hanging baskets up and the bird feeders back outside, we soon were getting visitors once again. This little guy, whom I’ve never seen before, popped over this morning for brunch.

Who are you???

My limited googling has him as a Red-headed Sparrow but whatever he is, he made my morning looking as if he’d been playing in some red powder-paint!

Hopefully he’ll be back and will bring friends next time but the burning question is… “mum, how much longer?”

Happy Birthday Victoria!

Today we are celebrating the birth of Queen Victoria (the actual date being May 24, 1819) who, for many a Canadian back in the day, was considered the “mother of confederation“. Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 7 months  has given her the title of both longest reigning British monarch and longest reigning FEMALE monarch ANYWHERE, ANYTIME… not that much longer before old Queen Liz II takes those titles. Always good to have incentive isn’t it?!

Our Victoria Day was a little of everything beginning at 12.30 this morning when I received a call from Master Eleven, who was having a sleep-over at a mates. He was complaining of a sore throat and thought perhaps his tonsils had flared up again. Poor thing could barely speak when I collected him his throat was so sore. Consequently a trip up to the hospital today was made for drugs to alleviate the pain.

Although a statutory holiday for most, Darling Hubby still needed to go into work for a few hours. This is what greeted him when he came out to the dining room this morning before he headed off…

An abundance of Flowers!

You see, Master Eleven’s phone call didn’t wake me as only a tad earlier I was under the impression Miss Poppy was gallivanting outside which had me outside on the back deck calling her. Silly me however as I soon discovered she wasn’t outside and why would she be, it was freezing! I quickly checked the weather on-line and we were heading for an overnight temperature of 0CEL. As you can see, I had quite a number of hanging baskets outside that quickly needed to come inside.

Anyways, by late afternoon the new back deck was looking as if it had always been like that. Darling Hubby had spray painted all our plant hangers white yesterday to blended with the new railings. Once up hanging baskets were added, creating a colorful picture. It all looks fabulous!

Our fabulously warm fire-pit!

Being so still this evening the fire pit had a grand christening. We sat around first enjoying a glass of wine after the week-end that was, then with Miss Nine’s encouragement, we ate our BBQ dinner there also which was so very nice. Especially when the Hummingbirds began humming around us and visiting. It was so cool!

Apart from waiting until the floor has totally dried before bringing our BBQ back upstairs and adding the patio cooler, our deck is now complete. No longer will we be taking tentative steps outsides and wondering… “mum, how much longer?”

Spring Colors!

It’s when the sun is shining the brightest I think the true colors of Spring truly come out here!

Gorgeous Spring Colors!

Quite honestly, this view out my kitchen window always takes my breath away.

With the colors becoming so vibrant it really feels like Spring is here. There’s certainly no more questioning…”mum, how much longer?”