Showing one’s true colors! (Macro Monday)

The cheeky Stella Jay birds enjoy sitting on the branches directly outside the kitchen window, taunting the cats with their closeness, safe in the knowledge the cats are unable to make contact.

The Stella’s also seem to know when I’m attempting to photograph them. Just when I have the photo set-up, boom, the birds move. That’s okay, I prefer their stunning blue color over their boisterous character anyways!










Still Humming even in Autumn! (Wordless Wednesday)








Looking for the Edge (WPC: Edge)

This week we have been experiencing the most spectacular fog of a morning. The photo below was taken at 11am Sunday morning. On a normal day you’d see islands in the background but not so this day. Nor the next day come to think of it!

The water's edge

In this thick fog it’s difficult to determine if there’s even an EDGE between the water and the islands. The contrast of this cargo ship against the fog making the ship’s colours that much more vivid.

Edge being the Weekly Photo Challenge word from The Daily Post.





Cage your cat Woman! (OWPC: Cage)

Without a shadow of a doubt this is what Cedric was telling me. Again. and again and again, “CAGE YOUR CAT WOMAN!” Pardon the pun but this little squirrel was really doing his nut!

Cage your cat woman

For the first time since moving here in December, our two cats were allowed outside to wander and explore. Poppy, completely oblivious to the squirrel-shreeking above her, happened to be under the same tree as Cedric here.

On stepping out to the side-deck to see what all the commotion was about, I was immediately at eye level to Cedric, who didn’t miss a beat on making eye contact with me. I just laughed as Poppy, still completely unaware to what was going on above her, continued to sniff under a bush directly below the squirrel.

Cage is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge word hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells. If you aren’t already familiar with this fun challenge you really should click the link below to have a look – it’s well worth your time!






Today was a Good Day (WPC)

Today Was a Good Day is this week’s challenge from the Daily Post and looking out my kitchen window this morning, I am already declaring exactly that!

The Early Bird, or birds in this case!

As the sun rose behind my mountain, the clouds were continually moving, constantly changing it’s appearance. As the mountain peak became visible, flocks of seagulls began flying past, heading down towards the nearby river.

Yep, definitely no argument here. It may only be 7.30 in the morning but after viewing this incredible sight from Mother Nature herself, it will be enough to sustain me until bedtime. Today was indeed a Good Day!




Trying to Focus

Whilst attempting to focus my camera lens to capture the breakfasting birds the other morning, I couldn’t help but notice how the unfocused colored lights outside were creating the most wonderful effect.

Trying to Focus

Looking at this now you would think it was lights in the early evening rain but it was in-fact glorious morning sunshine!

Just goes to show how things don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. This is easy to say, as to believing and living these words… “mum, how much longer?”