What a fox! (OWPC: Fox)

Early last month, Miss Fourteen and I attended a pottery painting class. Whilst I chose an owl piggy-bank to add to hubby’s owl collection, darling daughter chose this fox. Isn’t it sweet?

The rainbow forming a heart around her face and chest darling daughter painted is so gorgeous! Fox is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Well’s.

And it just so happens it’s my darling girl’s birthday today – where did those fourteen years go?

💖 Happy Birthday beautiful girl! 💖





My Harbour, My Escape (OWPC: Escape)

When it comes to wanting a quick escape from the everyday I’m extremely blessed as all I need do is look out my back windows. Any and all of these windows overlook the beautiful harbour just outside.


As is the way with not just harbours but any body of water, there is always something to watch, immediately transporting you to another place. Escape is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.






Distorted Raindrops (OWPC: Distorted)

After yesterday’s ferocious winds and rain, to walk outside today to stillness and sunshine feels more than a tad surreal. Without the wind, raindrops were clinging to my maple tree like Christmas lights. Especially with a little tweaking.


Bumping up the contrast and shadows distorted the photo enough to help create the illusion of strings of lights amongst the branches. Distorted is this week’s word for the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






One lone Crafty wolf (OWPC: Craft)

We came across this magnificent wolf, created entirely from driftwood, whilst touring Vancouver Island. Standing upon a mirrored stand, he took pride of place in a restaurant in Tofino. What a CRAFT to use driftwood in such an ingenious way!

One Crafty Wolf

If only my skills at blurring the background were as skilled, lol.😂 CRAFT is this week’s word for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge. 






Life Through the Eyes of a Child (OWPC: Child)


A childs view on life







Our Chickens Home to Roost (OWPC: Chickens)


Our Chickens Home to Roost






Chameleon by Another Name (OWPC: Chameleon)


Chamelon by another Name







Wash Day (OWPC: Candid)

This week the One Word Challenge Word from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… CANDID. There were SO many photos of my children that I was tempted to use. So, so many.

Fortunately for them as I scrolled through the one or two thousand photos of them, I came across some of our memories of Morocco. This is a very candid photo of a woman washing by the side of the river.

Candid Wash Day

This was just one of the many incredible scenes we witnessed driving through the Moroccan countryside, on our way to touch the base of the Atlas Mountains. Hey, when in Morocco!







River Morning Bokeh (OWPC: Bokeh)

This week Jennifer Nichole Wells for her One Word Photo Challenge Word has chosen… Bokeh. When it comes to Bokeh this photo taken down at the river last year came instantly to mind.


To say I LOVE bokeh on my photos is an understatement. Each and every time I discover I’ve inadvertently captured it, I vow to deliberately set about taking more photos with it… that is until life comes along and gets in the way!






Invasion of the Sugar Bowl! (OWPC)

When I arrived at my mother’s house after twenty-four hours of traveling from Canada to Australia a few years ago, all I wanted to do was enjoy the sound of magpies serenading the setting sun whilst drinking a hot cup of tea on her back patio.

Unfortunately on entering the kitchen it soon became apparent I wasn’t alone. This is what became of my poor mother’s sugar bowl whilst she was first in hospital followed by a month in rehab. She moved out whilst the ants moved in!

Ants Sugar-Fix

Lines of ants were trooping down the wall, across the skirting board then up into the cupboard to the sugar bowl. Meanwhile across the ceiling were lines of ants marching into the pantry to feast upon the goodies in there. Lovely… NOT!

What a nuisance it was then to clean it all up but what a great photo opportunity now for ANT, the first of the new One Word Photo Challenge of the A-Z Animal List hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells. Click on the link below for more details.