Showing a young man size doesn’t matter! (Tourist Time)

My then four-almost-five year old son seemed like such a big boy. Then he stands in front of one of the fifty-metre tall Arc de Triomphe pillars and he is immediately engulfed. Even the swords on the sculptures above him were taller than he was!

For something a little different, with the children getting older I’m going to use the Thursday’s over this summer vacation to take a journey down memory lane, reminiscing about the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!







Focusing on Paris! (WPC – Focus)

Towards the end of our first visit to Paris, both children were bought a souvenir camera that contained images of sights we’d already visited or were about to visit. The children were more than delighted with the photos contained within.

How funny was it though whilst still traveling through Paris, Miss Almost-Three held up her toy to “film Paris“. She was so focused on her filming that at no point did she realize what was outside the window wasn’t what was within her camera!

Focus is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.







Quasimodo Lives Here (26 Week Letter Challenge: Q)


Quasimodo Lives Here


26 Weeks Letter Challenge





Travel Theme: Youngsters

We have been so fortunate to have children that adapted to traveling so easily. One of our first “big” holidays was to Paris for two weeks, spending the last three nights at Euro-Disney as both a thank you and an incentive for ALL of us to keep smiling.

Whilst in Paris we spent an entire day visiting the Eiffel Tower, arriving to queue before it opened, staying until mid-afternoon having absorbed all we could. Before we could do anything however there were pigeons to be fed by my Youngsters!

Youngsters at play in Paris!

The quality of this photograph isn’t great being a scan of a copy so I “eroded” it to distract the eye from the poor quality. Strangely, it makes the photo look even more interesting!

Youngsters is this week’s Travel Theme from Where’s My Backpack? If you haven’t already done so, check out this fabulous blog of Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney and her love affair with travel!


Was Iceland really EIGHT years ago?

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but for these last few weeks I’ve been updating my “Countries and Cities Visited…” list. I hope someone has noticed, lol!

This revision, which included both text and photos, was so much easier said than done as a) all my digital images from mid-2005 through to mid-2008 were all stolen, and b) any hard-copies of the said stolen photos or photos prior to mid-2005 are all safely (we hope) in storage. Big bummer 😦

Fortunately on commencing this exercise Canada was first. There were so VERY many places I’d never previously listed, even Niagara Falls wasn’t there – how funny/sad is that?! This had me thinking as I began each country as to what cities we’d visited whilst there. Yet another reason the updating took so long as I so often had to visit memory-lane. Consequently I’d become lost there for hours!

Iceland is another great example of “insufficient information” as when I first listed Iceland on the blog I’d only included Akureyri, Husavik and Reykjavík. Lucky for me my mother sent back with me in February the scrapbook I made for them after they visited us in Iceland 2007. It reminded me of so much we’d seen, done and had slipped-my-mind! Ah-hum… particularly Reyðarfjörður, we’d only lived for almost three years.

This is one of the  photographs I salvaged from my mother’s computer back in February before it went who-knows-where. When we first arrived in Iceland in 2005 we didn’t have a car so I would walk the children to daycare then wander around town for ages taking photographs!

Tractor Time in Iceland!

Our first R&R (Rest and Recreation) was to Paris. This is another of the photographs rescued from my mother’s computer and just happens to be one of my all-time favorite happy-snaps of my Darling Daughter who was only two-years-old at the time. She took to Paris like a duck to water!

My Darling Girl, two years of age and loving Paris!

And this photo, which sadly is only a scan of a copy, is my all-time favorite photograph of Young Sir on our holiday in Morocco. I happened to snap this photo as we were packing up after breakfast, about to leave the bivouac where we’d spent the night in the Sahara Desert. He may have only been five-years-old at the time but for him, Morocco was like a second home.

Master Five in Sahara Desert

Yes, there’s no denying our life has been truly blessed but it’s certainly nothing we’ve ever taken for granted. During our time back in Australia, before we moved to Canada, the children learnt about choices and priorities as we bought a house. This naturally meant no overseas holidays as we once again had a mortgage taking first priority.

They weren’t impressed to say the least but quickly learnt that we can’t have it all and sacrifices have to be made. Hence when the news came we were finally making our move to Canada all I heard for months was… “mum, how much longer?”