Flamin’ Beauty (Friday Flowers)







Sunset Surprise (WPC: Surprise)

What a glorious surprise it was last year to look out the window to not only see this beautiful sunset but to also witness the silhouette of this unique boat paddling past.

Surprise is the photo challenge this week from the Daily Post.




A Perfect Ending (Wordless Wednesday)

The Perfect Ending







Taking the road less traveled… kinda, sorta! (Wordless Wednesday)

The path less traveled...

Oh how time flies my little Cherry Blossom!

Was it really only twelve months ago Miss Eleven and I had our “girls only” week in Vancouver? If so, then it must be time for the Cherry Blossoms to once again be in bloom there!

Cherry Blossom Buds

There’s nothing more beautiful then the sight of Cherry Blossoms filling the trees like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Now, as to when I shall see them again… “mum, how much longer?”

It’s the SAX MAN!

Peace and tranquility are no longer two words associated with our house. Why? Master Eleven is now the proud owner of an Alto Saxophone!

We bought it Saturday for him on the promise that it was not played until the following day. A promise he did adhere to, he even went to bed that evening reading every manual and scrap of paper written in English that came with it so he’d be ready to go the next morning!

As it was he was SO very excited Sunday morning he was up and playing by 8am. At which point Darling Hubby bribed him with breakfast at A&W then took him firewood searching so that Miss Nine and I could slumber a tad longer. Not that this deterred him all that much as once he was home he was back at the sax again.

Sunday afternoon turned into a gloriously wet Sunday afternoon so with fresh firewood to stoke the fire we all took up positions in front of the television… young sir taking his sax with him… love it! 🙂

There’s still another two weeks before band begins at school so I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this enthusiasm does not wane. Given how he’s still googling and You-tubing everything and anything to do with the saxophone, so far so good but… “mum, how much longer?”