Sunny Side Up (Flower Friday)

The only thing better then photographing sunflowers is editing them!

It’s one of those few times I really enjoy the colour yellow!





Lily Elongations (iPhriday Flowers)








Looking Through Rose Coloured Glasses (iPhriday Flowers)

Seriously, who knew taking a photo with my iPhone whilst holding this bunch of roses was going to be so difficult. This is SO not the image I was hoping to get.


At least it’s a capture of the bunch of coloured roses Hubby bought for me a few weeks ago. With a little tweaking from an iPhone app, it’s all good, lol.






Graceful Petals (WPC: Graceful)

The delicate, gracefulness of a rose and its petals are something that has been much admired for many, many years by many, many different people.


The unfurling of its petals as life takes its natural course is something beautiful to behold. Graceful is this week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge word.







Hidden Secrets of Hydrangeas!

A bowl of Hydrangeas to me always feels the ultimate in decadence.

Perhaps it’s because when you flick through beautiful house magazines so often you will see a fabulously decorated lounge or sitting room with a bowl of white Hydrangeas in it. Perhaps.

However, what I wasn’t expecting was once the initial bloom began lingering, the petals would peel back like a banana revealing this tiny center of blue.

Hidden Hydrangea Secrets

Never was there any hint that this exquisite blue would be unveiled from the crisp white centers of the Hydrangea petals.

How gorgeous is this, especially against the backdrop of the white flowers but… “mum, how much longer?”