Excuse me? (WPC – Pedestrian)

The rules don’t apply so much when you’re young. You like to think you go where you want, when you want. Especially when you want the best seat in the house for the view. There are no consequences to your actions… until of course, there are!

Thanks to this little rebel, hubby is now going to have to re-roof our “summer-house” (and I use this term VERY loosely) sooner rather than later as we now have little hoof-holes like stars in the night sky allowing us unhindered water views.

Pedestrian is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.





The Under Belly (One Four Challenge – Week 3)

‘Tis Week 3 of the fabulous One Four Challenge hosted by the lovely Robyn Gosby of Captivate Me.

This week curiosity had me editing to see what my ‘schroom would look like in the ageless sepia tones. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint.


What was interesting after this edit of converting from colour to sepia was, for me at least, it felt as if I cropped the image which I hadn’t. The only other edits after changing the photograph to sepia, was to bump up the contrast and to straighten the image ever so slightly. Below are my previous week’s submissions for comparison.

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Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with the One-Four-Challenge, it’s where you choose one of your own photographs and for four weeks you edit this photo differently each week. It really does makes you think!





The Ultimate Understated ! (26 Weeks Letter Challenge: U)

This week it’s the Letter U for the  26 Weeks Letter Challenge hosted by the lovely Lori Bravo from Let There be Peace on Earth.

To know the sun will rise and set each day is simply not enough. Especially when you witness such understated beauty  from mother nature like this of a morning.

Ultimate Understatement

To join in the fun of this challenge simply create your own interpretation of Lori’s letter of the week with as many photos you like then title and tag your post with 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.

26 Weeks Letter Challenge




LOVE… naturally! (26 Weeks Letter Challenge: L)

Last month I stumbled upon the  26 Week Letter Challenge hosted by the lovely Lori Bravo over at Let There be Peace on EarthThis was obviously meant to be as I was looking for yet another challenge whereby I can “plan ahead“.

As always, I’m a tad late to the party with this week’s letter already the letter “L“. However, this image from our walk around the Brisbane Botanical Gardens back in April instantly came to mind. L is for LOVEnaturally!


Miss Thirteen and I couldn’t believe it when we rounded a corner, immediately coming face to face with this cluster of blooms shaped naturally in a heart. It was so, so beautiful.

This cluster was simply hanging there like a Christmas bauble. We found it difficult to walk away from this natural beauty, taking soooo many photos of this one cluster.

26 Weeks Letter Challenge




April One Photo Focus

Yes, I know. It’s still March yet here I am posting my one One Photo Focus for April. It’s not very often I’m early for anything but here I am, lol! This month’s photo is by the very busy Cee from Cee’s Photography. This is my submission.

Joanne Ritchie One Photo Focus April

When it came to editing this month my focus was to highlight the left-hand corner of this structure with its interesting adornments. First I cropped severely then tweaked the contrast and highlights before converting the entire image to sepia.

Photography by Cee Neuner

And remember tomorrow to check out all the submissions for this month’s One Photo Focus hosted by the talented Stacy Fischer and her Visual Venturing.

One Photo Focus Badge




Our Little Nectar Nibbler (OWPC: Bird)

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… Bird.

Each day for the past few weeks I’ve been feverishly scanning the river’s sand-banks in search of my darling Pelicans. I was ever-so hopeful one would even sit itself on our dock but so such luck. Then I heard the most delightful song.

Our Little Nectar Nibbler

The most beautiful song was coming from our hedge. It took me a little while but by following the sound I eventually came across the little guy above.

He liked the flowers but seemingly only would visit them when I turned my back. If the camera was poised, ready to capture the moment, he’d stay secluded within the safety of the bush. Dang it!



Crystallized View (One-Photo-Focus March)

‘Tis the beginning of March which means it’s time for Stacy’s wonderful One Photo Focus March Challenge over at VisualVenturing. As many of you are more than aware, I absolutely adore this challenge.

It’s where Stacy offers just the one photo for editing to anyone who is interested. This month we thank Nancy Merrill of Nancy Merrill Photography for the use of her intriguing photo. This my interpretation.

Joanne Ritchie MARCH One Photo Focus

For this month’s editing I’ve severely cropped the photo so the just the staircase is left. Next I extended these stairs slightly to give the illusion the staircase is taking you to the top of the tree.

My next step was to “crystallize” this cropped image to create a uniformity of sorts then added a heavy vignette before the addition of a frame. Here is Nancy’s original photo for comparison.

Nancy Merrill Photography - One Photo Focus

As I say, I absolutely love this challenge as it’s so, so interesting to see how we’ve all taken the exactly same image yet edited in a different way… LOVE IT!

To me this is life… we can all hear and see the same thing yet so many times its interpreted differently.

One Photo Focus Badge




A Christmas Frame! (Weekly Travel Theme)

Aisla from over at Where’s My Backpack has given us the challenge word of FRAME this week. As I scrolled through my archives looking for something suitable I came across my New York Christmas photographs of Macy’s Christmas windows.


Each window was a different planet portraying a different Christmas scene. Each so different. Each so spectacular. Each framed so elegantly.

Where's my Backpack?





One Photo Focus – October

Oh how I love the first Friday of the month as that’s when Stacy from Visual Venturing hosts her One Photo Focus – LOVE IT!

This month we have a fabulous photo from Michelle Lunato of Michelle Lunato Photography. If you aren’t already familiar with Michelle’s work I highly recommend a visit as you won’t be disappointed. This is how I’ve interpreted her photo.

October One Photo Focus

Below is Michelle’s original photograph. The line of light from the sun through the water I found mesmerizing so tried emphasizing this by portrait cropping the photo.

Then I removed all but the three boats you see to make the picture less distracting and this being me, pumped up the contrast somewhat!

Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus

Do pop over to Visual Venturing to see all the submissions. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how we can all have the same photograph yet interpret it in different way. I just love it!






Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #13

That time of the week once again for another of Lucile’s and Desley’s wonderful Photo Rehab Cover Makeover challenges and this week it’s… a book cover.

Neither the author nor the title I’m familiar with but as 100% of royalties from this book are going to help the refugees arriving in Europe, for this reason alone it’s worth purchasing. Anyways, here is my take.

Cover Makeover #13

Right of the bat let me apologize for going for the obvious of white flowers but my head was stalled so I went with it. My tiny white cloth flowers sitting in a jar near me keep taunting me but to no avail.

Naturally, the moment I hit the Publish button inspiration will wash over me, causing me to scream in pain as what I should have done becomes abundantly clear. Don’t you just love that moment?


Cover Makeover Badge