The Invention of Solitude (Cover Makeover)

Here is my interpretation for this week’s book jacket makeover for the Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge.

Love me a Book Jacket!

LOVE these challenges and this week I even tipped my toe into the Photoshop waters but only managed to manipulate the photo yesterday.

Trying to add the text was simply too much, my head exploded. Or perhaps it was simply the beginnings of my head-cold? Where’s that coffee???

Cover Makeover Badge



Winter’s Tale (Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge 2)

This week’s Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge from Desley and Lucile is a movie poster. Having had our temperatures sitting in the mid 30’sC for the longest time with only a recent reprieve, this is one makeover I couldn’t miss.

Winters Tale - PhotoRehab

This was a fabulous challenge to participate in this week. Be sure to check out the Drama Queens requirements at Photo Rehab101 to see if you’d be interested in joining.

Cover Makeover Badge




Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover!

There’s a new challenge going around and I just COULDN’T resist!

Every Thursday The Drama Queens are going to nominate the name of a book, movie, or something then share their take on a new cover before handing it over to anyone who would like to participate.

This week’s theme is… “THE LONG WAY HOME“, a book from Louise Penny. Here’s my take on a book jacket.

Book Jacket - The Long Way Home

I took this photo as Hubby and I were transferring flights in Hamburg last year from Tallinn to London. There seemed NO end to this translator which seemed SO fitting for this title, lol!


Cover Makeover Badge