A plate of pretty pinecones! (OWPC – Macro)

Christmas is so close. You can feel the excitement in the air as the days are ticked off the calendar. Everything looks that much prettier after a coating of Christmas.

Macro is the One Word Photo Challenge from Tourmaline this week.







Seriously, do I LOOK like a Llama? (OWPC – Llama)

This is Herbert. I’d popped into the grocery store last month to simply pick up some milk and came away with Herbert. Herbert being the name the woman behind me in line named him. It stuck. He looks like a Herbert.

Herbert really is rockin’ the rustic vibe with all those pine-cones, twigs and burlap. His facial expression though for me is priceless. He really does appear to be quite shocked at being called a Llama.

Llama is the One Word Photo Challenge from Tourmaline this week.






Nature’s very own Candles (Monochrome Monday)

It’s probably only me but when I looked out the window to see the new growth on the pine tree all standing up the way they were, it reminded me of birthday candles.

As I say, it’s probably only me but even the tips on this growth look like the flames on a candle.






Natural Christmas Decorations! (Monochrome Monday)

Maybe the end of the school year is getting to me but when I looked at the new growth on the tree outside my kitchen window there appeared to be Christmas decorations growing on the tree!

It was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing a paint-can to spray a little silver here and there over the tree, adding a ribbon or two then sprinkling a little glitter. Oh Christmas Tree!






Glistening Raindrops (Monochrome Monday)

Each time I take more photos of the raindrops hanging off the pine tree outside my kitchen window I promise myself it will be the last time.

Then on this occasion I saw these little “doobies” forming on the tips of the branches and well, one or two more photos wouldn’t hurt… would it?





Glistening Garden Greens

For the true feeling of Christmas, simply add snow to the garden greens and voila… it’s beginning to look like Christ-mas!

Glistening Greens in the morning Light

Depending on which way you look at it I’m either a few months late or quite a few months early but whichever, you have to admit, this really does have a little bit of a Christmas feel to it.

Oh, and there’s 280 days until Christmas, give or take a day depending on your time-zone; in case you were too embarrassed to ask… “mum, how much longer?”