There’s pink, then there’s pink! (Friday Flowers)

FF Theres pink then theres pink

Pretty ‘lil posy (Friday Flowers)


FF So not what I thought



Last of the Spring Blossoms! (Wordless Wednesday)






Apricot Blossoms (Macro Monday)

Rather then adding to the greys outside, for Monday’s this month I thought I would go with some colorful macros to brighten things up!

These were just some of the many beautiful blossoms that were adorning the apricot trees at our kasbah in southern Morocco. Delicious jams made with the previous seasons apricots were enjoyed with our breakfast each morning.





Christmas came early… Christmas Cactus that is! (Wordless Wednesday)







Vase of YesterYear (One-Four-Challenge: Week 1)

It’s that time again, time for the next One-Four-Challenge, woo hoo – oh, how I love this challenge!

This is my first EVER vase of peonies. Actually, it’s my first peony also. Someone once told me peonies won’t keep in a vase, they die immediately. Mine however from the grocery store lasted extremely well. Anyways, here is my effort for Week 1.

Vase of Yesteryear - Week 1

Below is the original which, to say the flowers were a tad in shadows, could be an understatement. Obviously I needed to first brighten the photo to see exactly what I had to work with. Following this both the saturation and contrast needed to be adjusted.

Even after this the colours in the flowers still weren’t strong enough so a mask (something I’m still mastering) was used over the flowers alone to brighten them. Then all that was required was to straighten the vase ever so slightly.

Vase of Yesteryear - Original

If you aren’t already familiar with this challenge hosted by the talented Robyn Gosby of Captivate Me, it’s where you choose one of your own photographs, manipulating it differently for the next four weeks. Be sure to check out everyone’s submissions for this month!