Ending with a hint of pink! (Wordless Wednesday)






Last of the Spring Blossoms! (Wordless Wednesday)






Apricot Blossoms (Macro Monday)

Rather then adding to the greys outside, for Monday’s this month I thought I would go with some colorful macros to brighten things up!

These were just some of the many beautiful blossoms that were adorning the apricot trees at our kasbah in southern Morocco. Delicious jams made with the previous seasons apricots were enjoyed with our breakfast each morning.





Frilly Bits (Flower Friday)

This pink flower that was amongst my mother’s day bouquet had the most petals I have EVER seen on a flower.

The mind-boggling part was that there were still more petals near the centre that had yet to release!






Pretty Pink Posy (Friday Flowers)







Christmas came early… Christmas Cactus that is! (Wordless Wednesday)







The Colour of Summer (iPhriday Flower)

For me, nothing says summer quite like that of a Hibiscus flower out in bloom.

Colour of Summer

Summer in Australia holds absolutely no interest for me with its persistent heat but the blooms this heat encourages, well, that’s a totally different story. {sigh}







Pink is an attitude, NOT a colour! (Flower Friday)


Pink is an Attitude NOT a Colour!